Hi, I’m Jordanna a twenty something Welsh girl living in Orlando, Florida with my husband, two dogs and we have a baby on the way in October. I work full time in an industry I adore, and when I’m not working I’m either running, baking, eating or spending my time at Disney.


I am the cliché millennial girl that loved sport as a child, fell into the party scene in my late teens, and then in my early twenties decided I needed to make a change and become healthy.  But what was healthy? Healthy back then was working out for 2 hours 6 days a week, but still eating whatever I wanted; by body was exhausted and my life revolved around this distorted version of healthy.

Over the course of 5 years I have tried and tested many trends; IIFYM, HIIT & LISS training only and girl gains – I’m lanky so yeah that wasn’t going to happen.  It wasn’t until 2016 that I found my real groove, I had to stop and detach myself from what social media was telling me was considered a healthy balance and find MY healthy balance, I call this my turning point.

The turning point

In 2016 when I found what the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle meant to me I started waking up with a smile again, I had this infectious energy about me, everything I did was with purpose and most of all, I was happy.

You can read my blog on the turning point here, but long story short running is now my jam. I ran as a youngster but then deterred from it because I no longer had the focus, and there was so much negativity around cardio that I started to think it was pointless too.  Fast forward to one Thursday night sat in my kitchen reading a running book, I wrote out some goals and I decided to throw myself at it for 10 weeks… turned out that within 3 weeks I knew this my thing.  I remember telling my mum that I’d started running again, her response of being truly ecstatic just made the realization that much sweeter.

I found my turning point in exercise a few weeks after completing Whole30 for the first time, which was completely life changing. Whole30 sparked a fire inside of me to see food in a way I never have before, this fire turned into endless hours of experiments in the kitchen and with me ultimately eating paleo 80% of the time (the other 20% is pretty much wine, cheese and doughnuts).

I believe that when I am healthy and have balance in my life I able to be successful with my goals.

A healthy balanced life to me is when my body is fueled with nutritious foods, when my body is exercised for self-love not for punishment, when my body is well rested every night, and when my heart is filled with love and laughter.

This blog

Just Jordanna is a blog looking at life through my eyes; you’ll see race recaps, my training log, exercise reviews, recipes, travel tips and you’ll also catch a glimpse of my creative side with home décor.

Whilst I cannot be sure that my version of a healthy lifestyle will always look like this, I can be sure that each and every one of us deserves our owne version of a healthy and happy balanced life.

So follow me on my journey to try and find balance among my many passions in this fast pace, forever changing world we live in.