Hi, I’m Jordanna a twenty something Welsh girl living in Orlando, Florida with my husband, little girl and two dogs. I work full time in an industry I adore, and when I’m not working I’m either running, baking, eating or spending my time at Disney.

I am that cliché millennial girl that loved sport as a child, fell into the party scene in my late teens, and then in my early twenties decided I needed to make a change and become healthy.  But what was healthy? Healthy back then was working out for 2 hours a day 6 days a week, but still eating whatever I wanted; by body was exhausted and my life revolved around this distorted version of healthy.
It wasn’t until 2016 that I found my real groove, I had to stop and detach myself from what social media and society were telling me what was considered a healthy balance and find MY healthy balance, I call this my turning point.

The turning point
In 2016 when I found what the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle meant to me I started waking up with a smile again, I had this infectious energy about me, everything I did was with purpose and most of all, I was happy.
You can read my blog on the turning point here.

This blog
Just Jordanna started out as a platform that was dedicated to helping and encouraging people to living a healthy balanced life through exercise and nutrition, this was and has been my biggest passion for almost 10 years. However when the news of a growing family arrived, and I was presented with a lot of new challenges and struggles to overcome, I felt this desire to share them with other women and families out there.

Much like the pressure the health and fitness industry puts on us to compare ourselves to one another, motherhood and parenthood is exactly the same.  In my opinion social media can be and should be used as a way to empower and encourage one another, not make others feel inadequate.

On this blog you can read about my very candid pregnancy journey under the pregnancy tab, along with following by own (hard) journey back to running postpartum. You will find I write about pretty much anything that is lifestyle focused, with an emphasis on ‘hey, I’m struggling too’, or ‘omg I too hate getting up at stupid o’clock but this is how I try to motivate myself’ or ‘I decorated my house again and this is all the cool stuff I found, I must share it with you’.

Thank you for stopping by, I would love for you to follow me on my journey as find balance among my many passions in life in this fast pace, forever changing world we live in.

Cariad Mawr,





Meet my family

This is my Husband John, he’s America and I’m Britain. He and I met in the American Embassy in Cairo, weird huh? He was a Marine stationed there and I was taking a year after graduating with a degree in Architectural design and Technology, to teach in a school. The funny thing is, neither of us wanted it to be anything more than a friendship, both our time in the country was limited and we just wanted someone to see the country with especially as it was during the revolution so traveling in numbers was advised.  Well after a few short weeks of adventures he said those magic words ‘I love you’… ‘Thank you’ I replied, trying to be very nonchalant, but secretly I was buzzing inside. We never knew how life would pan out for our relationship, after all we were both from different continents. Well, he ended up being sent to the American Embassy in London for year and that happened to be the year my contract for teaching was up.  It was during that year that we grew as individuals and as a couple and we soon realized we couldn’t do life without one another. Shortly before he moved to Rio for his final posting he proposed to me.  Since that day life has been one big adventure, and let me tell you there have been some not so great adventure’s, but one thing we try to remember each day is that we love each other, and this is and will be foundation for our relationship.  He is the sweetest, yet ‘I take no bullshit’, encouraging human I have ever met.  John and I got married in March 2014 in the UK and 10 short days later we moved to Florida to start our life as a married couple. It has been and probably will always be the hardest decision i have ever made moving across the World, even more so now we have a baby, but I had and have the confidence that he will always be there to support me, and care for me.

This is our little girl Seren, her name means star in welsh and she quite literally is a little star.  Since the moment I found out I was pregnant our love for this small human grew and grew each day, even the days where I’d be curled up in bed feeling like I’d downed 3 bottles of vodka the night before (thanks morning sickness), or when she was playing havoc on my hormones.  Since she was born on 18th October 2017 our life has changed (you can read her birth story here), I have changed, and for the better.  Her smile brightens up the darkest of days, her sleepy snuggles are heart warming and she is the perfect addition to our family.

These are our two puppies, Lulu and Jasper.  Lulu has been part of our family since 2014, and was (is) the definition of a princess dog; her life kind of turned upside down in January of 2017 when Jasper came into our family.  She spent the first 10 days in our bath tub, but slowly over time they have become best friends, inseparable. Jasper is a lover and is completely obsessed with Seren, lulu’s love is fickle and will cuddle you when she wants cuddles, not when you do.