So long maternity leave

Tomorrow I wake up and maternity leave will start to become a distant memory.

17 weeks ago I walked into Winnie Palmer,  with a baby in my stomach looking forward to the blissful months of maternity ahead of me; how has this come to an end?

As I sit back and think about the last 17 weeks I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion.  Not only has it been one heck of journey, but I feel like I’m traveling through parenthood at 100mph. I start to wonder if I have made the most out of my 17 read more

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Feeding my babe

Until recently I thought my breastfeeding journey wasn’t the norm,  I’d get embarrassed when people would ask ‘are you breastfeeding ? Why are you pumping so much?’ . Well it turns out that after speaking to other mum’s that my set up is pretty common, but they are too afraid to talk about it because they don’t think it’s ‘normal’.  So obviously I felt that it was important to share my Journey and show that breastfeeding isn’t so black and white.

Our read more

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Becoming financially savvy

Finances, why does this topic make us squirm and feel uncomfortable? Why is it that something that is SO important in making the World function, so hard to talk openly about? Finances are a part of everyday life, whether you have a lot of money and are figuring out how to get yourself out of that high tax bracket, or whether you’re trying to make ends meet every month, no matter how difficult it is to talk about them, the reality is, we need too.

As the years tick by I’m certainly not getting read more

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Flying internationally with a baby

I remember the look on my step dads face when I eagerly told him ‘we are going to come back for Christmas this year’. His reaction was something along the lines of ‘well let’s not make any plans too hastily, let’s see how things are with you three’. I understood his concern, a new born, first time parents, transatlantic flight, it sounded a lot, but this is me we are talking about, I just simply don’t have the ability to do things that don’t challenge my life. *eye roll*

So what read more

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