Month 7 – Weeks 25- 28

Hello there Third Trimester, its nice to meet you. Hang on, WHAT? How is this even possible? Oh sh*t – anyway whilst I sit and take in the fact that I am in the last trimester of growing a human, here is a run down of the last month.

Week 25

This week was pretty intense in a good way; It started off with a quick 36 hour trip to New Orleans , where some kind man paid for my lunch because he said I looked stressed… haha thanks pal.  Also how is it that when you plan to have quiet day read more

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Month 6: Weeks 21- 24

Hi!! I actually cant believe that as I post this today I am already in my 7 month of pregnancy, um WHAT?! Anyway, here is  run down of the past 4 weeks; and I promise soon i’ll start posting more fun stuff like ‘the nursery’ (look that’s fun to me okay), ‘some of the absurd things I’ve said and done throughout pregnancy’, ‘5 highs and 5 lows of my pregnancy experience’ and a plethora of other things!

Week 21

I started another round of /my best read more

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My Best Body Home Review

About this time last year you many remember that I started the ‘My Best Body’ trial for my good friend Abbie.(You can find that review here)

Since then she has released a short a sweaty guide, which I am yet to try, and has been working hard on a ‘My Best Body Home’ workout guide. Like with the first guide Abbie approached a group of us to trial it, to iron out the kinks before releasing it to the world.

When I knew that this trial would be starting in 2017 I was on the fence because read more

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Month 5: Weeks 17 – 20

HAPPY HALF WAY MARK TO ME – that surely means I get a cake, right?

Week 17

Ah what a blissful way to start week 17; the gender reveal party.  John and I were completely overwhelmed by how excited everyone was to find out, and just to have everyone’s support from friends has been so incredible, especially when I’m so far away from my mum and family.

Week 17 I felt a lot of movement – which was uh-may-zing!! I was pretty shocked to feel movement this early, but apparently because read more

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