Changing your perspective on the Year just past

Every year John and I sit down and talk about the next year and the things we want to achieve, we find it helps set the foundation for the year ahead and making sure it counts.

We did our yearly goal setting a few weekends ago and I noticed something, we seemed to focus on the things we didn’t achieve this year and the things that went ‘tits up’ and very quickly our goals for 2018 started to be things that focused on the failures of this past year, hardly motivating.

To be honest most read more

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Starting from Zero – My postpartum journey back to running

With the new year just around the corner and it being the most popular time of year that people start with new exercise regimes I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about my journey back to fitness since having Seren, because honestly it has been brutal; and I am pretty certain that not only will other new mums will relate but all of you out there that want to start committing to a healthier lifestyle in a few short weeks.

We all know I worked out throughout my entire pregnancy, actually read more

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What it’s really like with a newborn

What an adventure the last 5 weeks have been, the moment Seren was placed on my chest John and I had no idea how this new adventure was going to pan out, honestly we still don’t, but despite the ups and downs it been an incredible rewarding journey so far.

I’ve been sh*t on more times than I can count, I get drunk off one glass of wine, I feel like I’ve never stepped foot in a gym in my entire life, My boobs legit look like porn star boobs on the reg and I have no idea how I keep read more

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Seren Marie Bower

Welcome to the world Seren Marie Bower, you are so loved already.

Whew what a whirlwind of a week it was welcoming this little lady into our lives.

I’ve had a load of people ask me my birth story and been as its CRAZY long I thought I’s just blog it.

WORD OF WARNING – This is a birth story, whilst I won’t get too graphic (no one needs to know it all) if you squirm or feel uneasy hearing the words vagina, cervix, blood or placenta you probably don’t want to continue reading …. read more

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