Stop the Clot

Blood clots are scary.   The end.

But no, seriously, stop and think about it – your blood is pretty cool, it is constantly flowing around your body, to carry ‘this, that and the other’ to vital organs, you know to keep you alive, and it does a pretty damn good job at it too.  However, despite how complex the system is , in one tiny breath it can become so vulnerable; it can go from being the reason you are alive, to the reason why your life is at risk.

This topic is something I hold really read more

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Casa de Bower Progress

If you follow me on social media you will see that ‘Casa De Bower’ is going up like a flipping rocket, and with that the stress levels are also increasing at the speed of light.

It is so exciting to see the place where we are going to be making so many memories get created, but with the mushy lovey stuff comes the realization that in a few short months we will be living off rice and beans because of the imminent closing costs and moving fees, let alone committing to a 30 year Mortgage. read more

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Night time snacks

Personally I love a good bed time snack, despite how controversial it is to eat close to bed time; my day just feels incomplete without one.  To be honest, I’m always thinking about food, I generally organize my day around food – Ultimate fit girl cliché I know, but the struggle is real.

I eat a pretty balanced diet throughout the day, along with a regimented 2-3 hour feeding time; therefore according to endless magazine articles this should mean I don’t get the 9pm sweet food crave – read more

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It’s not about the Ab’s

So many people ask me how I manage to stay so focused on eating well, and I know many people probably think I am too strict and don’t live my life because of this, but guess what? I am actually living my life to its fullest by making these choices alone.

It makes my heart sink and shoulders drop when I hear someone say ‘I’m going on a diet’, because this mindset is never going to be sustainable or effective.  Firstly a ‘diet’ has the reputation that it’s only a short term read more

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