Whole 30 – Final days, Final thoughts & Tips

WE DID IT! Our first ever Whole30 complete!

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to everyone that followed us on this journey,  especially to the ones that never complained when we had to be ‘difficult’ when it came to eating eat, to the ones that wouldn’t let John and I cave in; we appreciate you greatly.

I put some real thought as to how I wanted to round up the last 30 days, I toyed with the idea of a video, enthusiastically started it and then realized it would be too much effort; so read more

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Whole30 Week 4 – Meals, Moods & Milestones

Hey there, Happy Monday- I cant believe I am actually getting this out on time!

The last 4 weekends have been manic so we promised ourselves this weekend that we would slow down a little, and it was been truly blissful. We still got to see our friends, but we also still got some real quality time together.   I wanted to focus on myself this weekend too, its been a while since I have had a reset weekend, where I evaluate where I am in life,  how my goals are progressing and things I think need read more

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Whole30 Week 3 – Meals, Moods & Milestones

I cant believe as I write this I am entering the 4th week of Whole30. – Time has FLOWN by, and I am still in sheer shock that we haven’t come up with some elaborate excuse to have a glass of red wine!!

Week 3 was ten times better that week 2, so for those of you that read my week 2 blog and thought that I was entering into some kind of emotional misery cave,I found my way back out!   Isn’t it crazy how food can effect us that much? I ate a pretty healthy diet pre whole30 and read more

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Whole 30 Week 2 – Moods, Meals & Milestones

Welcome to my break down of week 2  Whole30, admittedly a day late, but who is counting?

If you read my week one post you’ll know how excited I was about the menu I had created for this week, it’s full of variety which came with an abundance of challenges in the kitchen; I knew it was really going to test my abilities, but I was ready to conquer! (I’m talking like it was some kind of historical battle,I need to chill out a bit)

The main reason for having a bit more an elaborate read more

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