Flying internationally with a baby

I remember the look on my step dads face when I eagerly told him ‘we are going to come back for Christmas this year’. His reaction was something along the lines of ‘well let’s not make any plans too hastily, let’s see how things are with you three’. I understood his concern, a new born, first time parents, transatlantic flight, it sounded a lot, but this is me we are talking about, I just simply don’t have the ability to do things that don’t challenge my life. *eye roll*

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We probably were taking a risk leaving our Babymoon so close to the end of pregnancy (oh hi 32 weeks), but I didn’t want to have to take any extra days off work and time off in the summer for me is just not ideal… #waterparklife 

I spend a good amount of my time in airports and hotels so when we were booking the Babymoon I knew that I didn’t want it to involve either of those things.  I’m kinda sick of the same hotel crap day in day out.

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A quick stop Home

It was one of those trips that your heart, mind and body needed; one of those trips where nothing crazy happens, instead you just sit back and appreciate the simpler things in life.

I went without John so that I had time to myself, time to reflect on this past year, our relationship, our future and most of all I had all of my time to dedicate to my loved ones back in the UK.

Its funny, when you live somewhere and you’re fully immersed in the craziness of everyday read more

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Marco Island, Florida

So I’ve had this travel section lurking on my blog since the beginning of time, and despite the fact i’ve traveled a hell of a lot, it still remains lonely; well that’s about the change!Please bare with me as I work on coming up with a format for my ‘travel’ posts, but im feeling a lot of pretty pictures.

My parents  landed in sunny Florida last week and as it was their third time visiting us here in Orlando they decided that they wanted to do something a bit different, read more

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