Paleo Salted caramel millionaire shortbread

Taking delicious baked goods and turning them into healthier alternatives can always be a bit sketchy, sometimes they come out tasting horrendous, other times they taste okay but you can tell they are the ‘healthier version’ and other times they turn out incredible and you legit think they are the real deal…. well the latter, that’s the case for these beauts.

I used to LOVE millionaire shortbread, Marks & Spencer ones to be exact, with Tesco coming in close second;  but read more

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Paleo Nutella

Everyone has some kind of nostalgic connection with the  delicious nutty, chocolatey, gooey spread.  For me my Nutella love affair goes back to my childhood days dotted all over France, from the cute industrial shipping port of Calais where we’d go for a day or two to buy wine, cheese, Nutella and chubbachubs, to the beautiful breathtaking loire valley, to late night snacks in the south of France after long days on the beach, to sitting outside in street cafes read more

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Whole 30 – Final days, Final thoughts & Tips

WE DID IT! Our first ever Whole30 complete!

Firstly, a HUGE¬†thank you to everyone that followed us on this journey, ¬†especially to the ones that never complained when we had to be ‘difficult’ when it came to eating eat, to the ones that wouldn’t let John and I cave in; we appreciate you greatly.

I put some real thought as to how I wanted to round up the last 30 days, I toyed with the idea of a video, enthusiastically started it and then realized it would be too much effort; so read more

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Whole30 Week 4 – Meals, Moods & Milestones

Hey there, Happy Monday- I cant believe I am actually getting this out on time!

The last 4 weekends have been manic so we promised ourselves this weekend that we would slow down a little, and it was been truly blissful. We still got to see our friends, but we also still got some real quality time together.   I wanted to focus on myself this weekend too, its been a while since I have had a reset weekend, where I evaluate where I am in life,  how my goals are progressing and things I think need read more

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