A sustainable sugar free life

So for those that know me you know I have always had SUCH  sweet tooth, and have always been the one to suggest going to the candy king (only the best pick & mix on this planet) ,along with condoning the consumption of our body weight in cake.

In the last 4 years I have done a lot of personal research on refined sugar and effect it has on our bodies, and it is terrifying,! I started reading the book ‘Fat Chance’ by Robert Lustig, MD back when I was communing to and from London, read more

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All we need is love

This year I wanted to celebrate Valentines day in a different way, I didn’t want to only celebrate my love for John, instead I wanted to do something that would make a stranger feel loved.

Don’t worry I am not one of those people that hates Valentines Day because I want to be cool, how could I hate Valentines Day?, its a day to celebrate one of the best emotions known to man, Love! I love love, I think its the best to be honest.  

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2016 Goals

It may be 17 days into the New Year and perhaps a little late for this kinda post, but the Year has been busy already, like insanely busy.  Remember that house I wrote about months ago? Yeah well that got finished, which I am beyond over the moon about, but here’s the thing, in the last 17 days closing on our house isn’t the only that has happened; sit tight, ready?  Since 1st January 2016 we travelled back from the UK, read more

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What did you get for Christmas? Fat. I got Fat.

A friend sent me this HILARIOUS picture the other day could not stop laughing for ages.

Despite it being pretty funny,  it made me think about how Christmas has  become all about food and drink; even down to choosing the best outfit to wear that will allow us to chow down as much food as possible without the seams of our trousers digging into certain body parts.

Don’t get me wrong I love the feast I get to eat on Christmas Day, but when did it go from one or two  days of mass indulgence read more

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