It’s not about the Ab’s

So many people ask me how I manage to stay so focused on eating well, and I know many people probably think I am too strict and don’t live my life because of this, but guess what? I am actually living my life to its fullest by making these choices alone.

It makes my heart sink and shoulders drop when I hear someone say ‘I’m going on a diet’, because this mindset is never going to be sustainable or effective.  Firstly a ‘diet’ has the reputation that it’s only a short term read more

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Problems British Expats can relate too

I feel pretty lucky to be able to call myself a British Expat, and an experienced one at that; so far I’ve been able to live in both Egypt and America.

Recently I’ve released that being British is  pretty sought after nationality, and hear a lot of people saying they wish they ‘could be British’.  It wasn’t until I actually left the UK and started living in other Countries did I realize how lucky I am to actually be British, I guess I had taken it for granted; the free read more

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7 reasons to work out in the morning

For the last 3 years almost all of my workouts have started before 7am, even on weekends and I’ve never looked back.  There are some occasions where I have switch up my routine and move my work out to the evening, but that’s ok, its all about balance and being able to be flexible with yourself.

When I first started working out in the morning the 5:54 alarm was not welcoming, actually it was  horrendous, and id spend about 15 minutes deciding if I should get read more

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