2017, Lets go

Its 09:03 on January 1st 2017, I’ve already left one cup of Tea go cold, dropped the same pack of pens on the floor twice, my dog smells like fire and helped my very hungover husband merge from one bed to the next to sleep off what is probably going to be the worst hangover he’s had.  This better not set the tone for the year.

Okay quick update…. it’s now the 2nd and the day is already 100 times better than yesterday – Run complete, house work complete, student loan read more

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2016 – Highs and Lows

I remember when I was younger my parents and grandparents would always comment on how fast the year had gone, yet I never really understood, to me time was time; until this year. This year has gone insanely fast.

This time of the year I like reflect on the past year and try to see what I’ve achieved , the thing is end up being super hard on myself and up feeling miserable; when I started writing this blog it just made me focus on the things I didn’t achieve rather read more

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10 weeks and 1 race

I cant believe its been 10 weeks since i started getting back into running, sometimes it feels like its been a few days and other times it feels like its been a whole lot longer. But over the last 10 weeks I have learnt so much about myself and about what true motivation and passion looks like.
I was traveling for 3 out of the 10 weeks, and going into each week I was anxious about how this would effect my overall progress and training.  Much to my surprise a running plan whilst being read more

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Find your purpose in working out….

……. because motivation will never be enough.

People always ask me ‘how do you stay motivated?’, and to be honest I don’t, about 50% of the time i’d rather stay curled up in my nice warm bed for an extra 90 minutes in the morning; and it takes every ounce of my being every time I go to whole foods or publix to not buy 12 cookies and eat them all.  

DEDICATION. That is what keeps me focused and on the right path, dedication is what comes into read more

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