Month 8 – weeks 29-32

Its hard to believe we have around 6 weeks left until we meet our Daughter, it’s pretty surreal to be honest.  People keep telling me the last few weeks drag, but it’s been the opposite for me.   Anyway, I thought i’d try and get this out before we loose power due to the hurricane so that I can keep on track with the other blogs I want to post before she arrives!

Week 29

Thank god this week started out with my Birthday stay-cation lazing around by the pool, because let me tell read more

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We probably were taking a risk leaving our Babymoon so close to the end of pregnancy (oh hi 32 weeks), but I didn’t want to have to take any extra days off work and time off in the summer for me is just not ideal… #waterparklife 

I spend a good amount of my time in airports and hotels so when we were booking the Babymoon I knew that I didn’t want it to involve either of those things.  I’m kinda sick of the same hotel crap day in day out.

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Month 7 – Weeks 25- 28

Hello there Third Trimester, its nice to meet you. Hang on, WHAT? How is this even possible? Oh sh*t – anyway whilst I sit and take in the fact that I am in the last trimester of growing a human, here is a run down of the last month.

Week 25

This week was pretty intense in a good way; It started off with a quick 36 hour trip to New Orleans , where some kind man paid for my lunch because he said I looked stressed… haha thanks pal.  Also how is it that when you plan to have quiet day read more

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Set backs and mishaps

Do you ever find yourself giving someone STELLAR advice, like legit advice about something, but then when the same thing happens to you, you just pretend that that awesome advice never came out of your mouth? yeah me too.

Here’s the thing I set out with some pretty hefty physical goals this year, sure I expected some set backs and injuries but not this early on.  Before I carry on, I deffffffinetly don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me.

SO lets recap, I want to run 2017 miles in 2017, read more

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