Changing your perspective on the Year just past

Every year John and I sit down and talk about the next year and the things we want to achieve, we find it helps set the foundation for the year ahead and making sure it counts.

We did our yearly goal setting a few weekends ago and I noticed something, we seemed to focus on the things we didn’t achieve this year and the things that went ‘tits up’ and very quickly our goals for 2018 started to be things that focused on the failures of this past year, hardly motivating.

To be honest most read more

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The Nursery

AND FINALLY, something I never thought would get finished.

Let me paint you a picture (no pun intended )… as soon as we found out we were pregnant and I had got over my freak outI hopped onto Pinterest and started the hunt for nursery inspiration. I actually knew before we got pregnant that if we were to have a Boy the theme would be London/ Paddington Bear, but as for a Girl I had no idea…..did I want cliche pink? did I want purple? or perhaps just grey?

I won’t lie as soon as read more

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Bedroom Decor update

Oh my goodness life has been absolutely non stop for the last month or so, I’ve decided that life would be a whole lot less stressful if there were say 30 hours in the day, don’t you think? 7 hours of sleep with 24 hours of time to do stuff with.

Anyway, I had planned to post an in-depth post about my top tips to meal prepping, after so many of you have asked me for tips.  Thing is I have written it, but I’ve looked at it way too many times, and now it just looks wrong; so I read more

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