My Best Body Review

16 weeks ago my good friend Abbie asked me if I would be one of nine people to trial a fitness program she had put together, as she wanted to make sure it was PERFECT before releasing it into the world.

Fast forward 16 weeks – 1 week rest after completing the live fit Trainer (you can find that review here), 13 weeks of My Best Body and 2 weeks of faffing around, I am feeling strong, happy and motivated.

So what is My best Body? You can find the official program overview on Abbie’s read more

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12 tips to meal prepping

A few weeks ago  I posted what a week of eating looks like in the life of Jordanna,  I wanted to show two thing, 1) how much food per week we need to sustain ourselves, I’m sure to some of you it was a shock; and 2), that meal prepping can be done even if you have an insanely busy life!  I did show all everything portioned out into Tupperware; I don’t typically put everything in Tupperware each week because I work from home so it’s easy to just plate it up at each meal, but I know read more

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Jamie Eason live fit trainer review

Last Tuesday marked the end of my time doing the 12 week Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer program;  it was a fun and at times  an exhausting adventure, but I did it I made it through (high five).  I thought it would be beneficial for my to share my thoughts on this program as I go through the motions of my recovery & reflection week.

I came across this program as a recommendation from my friend Abbie (corporate_sneakers), and after spending a few hours reading about this program one Sunday I read more

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But you don’t eat enough.

I have wanted to write this blog for some time because Fitshaming is something that I feel pretty strongly about, but I promise to try and make this more constructive rather than ranty, so bear with me.

Our society is pretty consumed with double standards when it comes to appearances and weight; we all have a person in our close network that is leaning towards the overweight side of life, which isn’t surprising when 35.7 % of adults on this planet are considered obese.    read more

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