10 weeks and 1 race

I cant believe its been 10 weeks since i started getting back into running, sometimes it feels like its been a few days and other times it feels like its been a whole lot longer. But over the last 10 weeks I have learnt so much about myself and about what true motivation and passion looks like.
I was traveling for 3 out of the 10 weeks, and going into each week I was anxious about how this would effect my overall progress and training.  Much to my surprise a running plan whilst being read more

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Find your purpose in working out….

……. because motivation will never be enough.

People always ask me ‘how do you stay motivated?’, and to be honest I don’t, about 50% of the time i’d rather stay curled up in my nice warm bed for an extra 90 minutes in the morning; and it takes every ounce of my being every time I go to whole foods or publix to not buy 12 cookies and eat them all.  

DEDICATION. That is what keeps me focused and on the right path, dedication is what comes into read more

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My Best Body Review

16 weeks ago my good friend Abbie asked me if I would be one of nine people to trial a fitness program she had put together, as she wanted to make sure it was PERFECT before releasing it into the world.

Fast forward 16 weeks – 1 week rest after completing the live fit Trainer (you can find that review here), 13 weeks of My Best Body and 2 weeks of faffing around, I am feeling strong, happy and motivated.

So what is My best Body? You can find the official program overview on Abbie’s read more

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12 tips to meal prepping

A few weeks ago  I posted what a week of eating looks like in the life of Jordanna,  I wanted to show two thing, 1) how much food per week we need to sustain ourselves, I’m sure to some of you it was a shock; and 2), that meal prepping can be done even if you have an insanely busy life!  I did show all everything portioned out into Tupperware; I don’t typically put everything in Tupperware each week because I work from home so it’s easy to just plate it up at each meal, but I know read more

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