Changing your perspective on the Year just past

Every year John and I sit down and talk about the next year and the things we want to achieve, we find it helps set the foundation for the year ahead and making sure it counts.

We did our yearly goal setting a few weekends ago and I noticed something, we seemed to focus on the things we didn’t achieve this year and the things that went ‘tits up’ and very quickly our goals for 2018 started to be things that focused on the failures of this past year, hardly motivating.

To be honest most read more

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Starting from Zero – My postpartum journey back to running

With the new year just around the corner and it being the most popular time of year that people start with new exercise regimes I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about my journey back to fitness since having Seren, because honestly it has been brutal; and I am pretty certain that not only will other new mums will relate but all of you out there that want to start committing to a healthier lifestyle in a few short weeks.

We all know I worked out throughout my entire pregnancy, actually read more

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Changing the perception, expectation and approach of postpartum bodies

Maybe this will come across as ranty? Maybe it will be inspiring? Perhaps eye opening? I don’t know; but what I do know is that the way many women feel about their postpartum bodies and the pressure they face needs to change fast, and with that, the approach and motivation behind some of the crazy things women will do to ‘get that body back’ need’s to change too.

Its probably no surprise to many of you that rather than taking the time to nest like most women, I’ve read more

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Month 8 – weeks 29-32

Its hard to believe we have around 6 weeks left until we meet our Daughter, it’s pretty surreal to be honest.  People keep telling me the last few weeks drag, but it’s been the opposite for me.   Anyway, I thought i’d try and get this out before we loose power due to the hurricane so that I can keep on track with the other blogs I want to post before she arrives!

Week 29

Thank god this week started out with my Birthday stay-cation lazing around by the pool, because let me tell read more

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