Casa de Bower Progress

If you follow me on social media you will see that ‘Casa De Bower’ is going up like a flipping rocket, and with that the stress levels are also increasing at the speed of light.

It is so exciting to see the place where we are going to be making so many memories get created, but with the mushy lovey stuff comes the realization that in a few short months we will be living off rice and beans because of the imminent closing costs and moving fees, let alone committing to a 30 year Mortgage. read more

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Living Room Wish List

So this week we had our first meeting with our construction manager (who by the way is an absolute champ) which is really exciting, but equally as terrifying – things seem real now.   Our estimated time of completion is the 1st December, 108 days from now to be precise, which happens to be 2 weeks before a 3 week vacation; so you know nice and relaxing. ha.ha.ha.

But seriously, I am pretty excited about being able to decorate because I flipping love decorating read more

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10 things I wish I’d known as a first time home buyer

You know those, heart pumping, butterflies in the stomach, I’m so excited and terrified kind of moments? That is the only way I can describe the entire first time home buying experience for my husband and I.

I mean realizing you are about to spend the largest amount of money you’ve spent in your life thus far, is stomach turning enough, but add-in the trials and tribulations involved in buying a house, well it’s a recipe for a lifetime on xanex.

If you have read read more

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10 questions to ask when buying a new build house

Buying a house is an incredibly exciting and life changing moment – so congratulations if you are reading this and are a first time buyer.

In my option buying a brand spanking new house is even more exciting; you get to pick the plot, the elevation, the added extras, AND you get to watch it transform from first to home.  To me there is something special and exciting about seeing the physical and metaphorical foundations of your life ahead flourish. (im getting giddy just thinking about it)

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