All we need is love

This year I wanted to celebrate Valentines day in a different way, I didn’t want to only celebrate my love for John, instead I wanted to do something that would make a stranger feel loved.

Don’t worry I am not one of those people that hates Valentines Day because I want to be cool, how could I hate Valentines Day?, its a day to celebrate one of the best emotions known to man, Love! I love love, I think its the best to be honest.  

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Our House Tour

Welcome to my house tour!

Its been quite a journey getting to this stage, a lot of sweat, blood and tears went into the 10 month wait period;  the wait despite feeling like forever was such an adventure in itself, watching our home turn from a plot of dirt to this incredible building is pretty amazing.

We have been in the house for almost 3 weeks now and it’s been crazy trying to coordinate my new job, read more

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Target Homeware

Urm hello Target, you have seriously upped your game in the homeware scene in recent weeks.

So here’s the thing,  last week I went to Target to get eggs, milk, veggies and frozen fruit; obviously I ended up staying for about 2 hours because who goes to a supermarket and only looks at what they went in for? Not me, for me a supermarket digress is one of the finest forms of digression.

The look on poor John’s face when I said ‘Babe i’m just going to have a little look read more

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Kitchen Wish List

We had our pre-dry wall walk through this week, which is so exciting. Our construction manager has predicted for us to have all internal walls up by the end of this week, with our estimated completion date of the 4th December (53 days from now – not that I’m counting or anything)

If you’ve read my other posts you will know that we are keeping a close eye on the construction of our house because I want to make a picture collage when the house is complete, so we are there at least read more

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