The Nursery

AND FINALLY, something I never thought would get finished.

Let me paint you a picture (no pun intended )… as soon as we found out we were pregnant and I had got over my freak outI hopped onto Pinterest and started the hunt for nursery inspiration. I actually knew before we got pregnant that if we were to have a Boy the theme would be London/ Paddington Bear, but as for a Girl I had no idea…..did I want cliche pink? did I want purple? or perhaps just grey?

I won’t lie as soon as I found out we were having a girl I was even more excited because the thought of decorating  girly nursery just sounded more fun to me, and I knew I’d be way more into it.  Plus lets face it for the first year-18 months the room will mostly be enjoyed by myself and John changing nappies, feeding and crying on the floor in unison with the baby.

We started off with 4 pink samples which escalated FAST into 17 samples of pinks, creams and purples but in the end, we went with one of the original colours.  Clearly I needed to go through the process, but once the colour was picked I started to question my feature wall ideas. We have a cream bedroom with a sage green feature wall which I absolutely love, the baby room was going to be having the same cream base (once ya find a cream colour you like, you stick with it) with a pink feature wall; but it started to feel to samey, and I felt like i needed to be more creative because apparently working in a creative industry just is not enough.

Anyway, i’ll stop rambling and show you the room!




The room is painted in Softly White and the pink accent is Barely Pink, both are Sherwin Williams in the matte finish.  My decision on the diagonal two tone feature wall litterally colour came out of nowhere, and once I thought of it, it had to be done.  I never really considered how difficult it would be to put up masking tape in a straight diagonal line on a really big wall, and then paint carefully enough to get a crisp line.  Peeling that tape off and seeing the crisp line was SO  satisfying, my nerdy architectural brain was ecstatic. With the line looking INCREDIBLE I still felt like the wall was too bare without any additional detail, perhaps we will rethink to 9ft ceilings next time.  I wanted to have stars and things that resemble the night sky in the room because it reminds me of my grandparents, my Nan always says to me that she likes looking at the moon because she knows the moon for her is the same one for me.  I found the website urban wall decals and they had a load of amazing decals, and best of all 3 different types of star decals. We ordered the twinkle stars and mini stars, and honestly I could have ordered a load more decals for other rooms.  These are so easy to apply AND take off if you decide it doesn’t look right, so for an undecided pregnant woman it was great.

I’m slightly obsessed with the sleeping set up for lil B!  John wanted to do the pram (stroller) research so I left that to him and he concluded that the Uppa Baby Vista was by far the best and safest option out there for us, but of course with that comes a pretty hefty price tag – lets not talk about that. Anyway, the Uppa baby Vista comes with the only sleep approved pram bassinet in the market meaning we can double it up as not only a nice pram feature but a sleeping pod too.  Uppa Baby also make the stand for the bassinet, which don’t worry will be in our room when she gets here, but when she is no longer in the bassinet the stand can become a laundry basket.  BUT on the pram note, i’m planning on doing a more in-depth blog about my ‘mum crap’ once she arrives, so i’ll save the other details for then ;).


We call this area the Cwtch corner, if you’re Welsh then you’ll get it, but if you’re not Welsh, the word cwtch means cuddle, but an extra amazing cuddle.  My friend Lois got us the Welsh ‘cwtch slate’ a few years back and its PERFECT for this area, coupled with the cwtch pillow that was a wedding gift and the ‘mum and daughter pillow’; this was given to me by my Mum before I moved to Egypt and I’m hoping to have this as some kind of pass-on as the generations go on.  The little pieces on the accent shelves all have meaning too (minus the orchid because that’s just pretty), we want to make sure our little girl is reminded that she can do whatever she puts her mind too, plus its a great reminder for John and I too when the times get rough.

The chair was our first nursery purchase and it caused all kind of feelings, excitement mostly, but also this horrible feeling that I was jinxing something…. real life guys, real life. Its a swivel rocker from pottery barn kids, and it is HEAVENLY, whilst I will probably regret saying this now because I’m giddy with emotions and had a great night sleep last night…. I won’t mind if I have to spend some hours at 2am in this chair.


Welcome to the decor controversy….. to me, a room inst a room without a mirror, John however was like ‘we don’t need a mirror its a baby room’ -needless to say after the back and forth, we got the mirror. PLUS I know she will love looking at her reflection in the mirror, babies like that right? BUT perhaps in a month i’ll be regretting it because all I will see when I look up is some exhausted version of my old self sporting two new bags… the dark under the eye kind, not nice Kate Spade ones.. unless John you’re reading this and well… ahem 😉

Storage was another thing I stressed out about when sorting out the nursery, – how the heck do I arrange all the clothes, nappies, wipes, butt cream… the list goes on. You know how some people can shove stuff in a wardrobe or drawer and forget about it? I am not one of those people, I can still feel the clutter and disorganization and it drives me INSANE.  I did a lot of planning when it came to the organisation of baby B’s stuff, and so far I’m happy with it, but who knows when she arrives I may change it around; oh and notice the two different knobs? Yeah I couldn’t decide, so decided to keep both.

The top drawer is the changing station drawer, so I nabbed these amazing organizers from IKEA – we have nappies, changing mat covers, wipes, hand sanitizer and a plethora of other crap you need to make sure your baby has a clean butt.  The second drawer we have day onesies and sleep onesies in two sizes, NB and 0-3 months; and the bottom drawer, that’s currently an accumulation of larger size clothes that we wont be needing for a while.

As for the wardrobe, first off, its really difficult to get a picture of the inside when there are doors in the way, but we have this thing organised too – the top shelf is just full of nappies and wipes – can you believe we got all of these at the baby shower, so GRATEFUL for that!  We have the cute hanger dividers, but it turns out that tiny baby clothes don’t fit on hangers.   My favorite part of the wardrobe (yes my life has got the the stage where wardrobe storage excites me) is the ‘thing’ at the bottom. This was in my old office and I was really sad about having to throw ALL the furniture out because I just kept seeing $$$ in my eyes, we only got most of the stuff a year ago! However, when i found out that it could fit in the wardrobe it turned into being additional storage, which was amazing.  It means we can use each compartment and the top to arrange the rest of the things that come with babies…. they come with a lot don’t they?!  So far we have her books, toys and swaddles in there, but as time goes on i’m sure its use will change.  I think this was from Target, but its pretty much an IKEA Billy Bookcase on its side.

We also have the nest as our baby monitor, which will double up as a home security camera after, but that came after I took all the photos! We also had a really nice blanket from Johns mum too, which will double up really nicely as like a play mat too!

We are just a little over 3 weeks away from meeting the little human that will call this place her home. We are feeling all kinds of emotions, mostly excitement, but also a little sad knowing that it will never be just the two of us again, whilst I know this is one of our biggest blessings change always leaves a bittersweet feeling.

Anyway, this may or may not be my last post until she arrives – if we can get an oven that works then I’ll do a month meal prep one!

caraiad mawr,


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