Month 8 – weeks 29-32

Its hard to believe we have around 6 weeks left until we meet our Daughter, it’s pretty surreal to be honest.  People keep telling me the last few weeks drag, but it’s been the opposite for me.   Anyway, I thought i’d try and get this out before we loose power due to the hurricane so that I can keep on track with the other blogs I want to post before she arrives!

Week 29

Thank god this week started out with my Birthday stay-cation lazing around by the pool, because let me tell you… work was INSANE.  I have about 9 weeks left before I finish for maternity leave; 10 projects to finish up and a computer/ inbox that hasn’t been filled properly in weeks.

We got some of the finishing touches for the nursery this week too, so that should be finished in the next few weeks… who knew finding a lamp under $150 was such a task!

We had a lot to celebrate this week and I CANNOT wait to share that, but for now its under wraps…. but celebrating without alcohol is weird. I need Veuve Cliquot!

I wasn’t going to share this because I feel like Royal idiot, but I feel its important as I know so many of us Women feel a lot of guilt during pregnancy by simply getting on with real life…. so …..Top tip… jumping into a swimming pool when you’re pregnant is not recommended…. I had a moment where I just forgot I was pregnant.  I had an amazing 1500m swim, and I honestly felt incredible and thought “I really want to to jump in”, so without a further thought I did that, twice.  Turns out its not a great Idea… I thought to myself “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING THERE IS A BABY IN THERE” – I ran back to the house in tears and a huge panic.  John called the OBGYN and they said we can either keep an eye on movement or go in. Do you really think I’m going to nonchalantly carry on with my day and make sure my baby is fine after doing a really stupid thing? No. So we went in.   We saw a different Dr who was SO NICE…  I felt so stupid and ashamed and he assured me I was fine and that its easy to forget sometimes.

ALSO… remind me to never be this far along in a Pregnancy during the summer in Florida again. ITS HOT.

Week 30

I started week 30 with possibly my last work trip of this pregnancy, I’m not too sure how many more flights and solo hotel stays I can do with the ‘Shit I hope I don’t go into labor’ thing on my mind. HOWEVER now that I have a visible bump its working in my favor, Southwest gave me priority Pre Board to make sure I got an isle seat and space for my bag…. BINGO.

We had some pretty epic news (again) for both of the Bowers this week, which let me tell you has taken a HUGE weight off our shoulders and I think we can really start to focus on these last few weeks of pregnancy with (mostly) positive vibes.  I wont go into too much detail but John took a job at the start of this year that we knew would be risky but knew we could try it because I have a stable job.  Well this job was ‘sold’ to him a little differently to the reality… so therefore we endured 8 months of one income.  We knew this would be the case for a few months and we made this decision BEFORE we found out we were having little Derek, so it was not a big deal.  Well when a few months turned into 8 months, and no kids turned into a Kid, things started getting stressful, especially because maternity leave over here sucks and you get paid nothing AND you have to pay to have your baby…… and not to mention the cars, furniture, office furniture and baby gear we’ve had to purchase.

Whilst pregnancy would have been way more enjoyable without this stress, I am in a weird way happy it happened; we were able to budget like never before, and we learnt to get through stressful conversations, so subsequently we grew exponentially as a couple, which lets face that is exactly what you need when you’re about to bring a child into the World.

So you can guess it, John new’s is, he got a new job which is just fantastic.

I also started looking at my winter wardrobe this week because i’m BEYOND excited about dressing for another season, but I’m also apprehensive because when that new season hits I’ll be faced with a different body.  The different body bit doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but what does bother me are the expectations certain people have of me in regards to the way I look and ‘bouncing back’, THIS is what causes me the most anxiety because I don’t know how i’m going to react to their comments – they are either going to cripple me or make me say something I could later regret. (I do have a draft blog about my current thoughts on body image and expectations postpartum which i’ll share in a week or so).

This week I am craving Gin

Week 31

John and I kicked off this week with a KILLER workout from My Best Body Home, seriously though, 530 calories of PURE sweat ( I’m so excited to be able to go full throttle workout wise in a few months).  We also decided to wash all the clothes and bedding for lil B , WHAT A MISSION, I even took the time to separate all the colours from the whites, and dedicates… WHO AM I?

My parents also booked their flights this week for their trip over here to meet their granddaughter which has made the whole thing seem very real… but it also meant that my Mum and I have had to deal with the fact that we may not have that time together, just her and I before the labor process and during the post labor accolades…. I mean I have toyed with the idea of literally locking myself in the hospital room and letting no one but John and the nurses in until I get to see my mum, but I  know that that may be a bit absurd…….. BUT I know whatever happens she will respect my choices.

On that note of respect, I had a really heart felt conversation with my Step Dad this week too, it was based around their month trip over here; if you know me you’ll know i’m an introvert a lot of the time, so having guests for an extended amount of time and seeing people everyday is stressful for me, but he gets that; all it took was one sentence from him to put my mind at peace.  It went something like this ‘We will be having little trips away during our visit to give you, John and the baby time to really bond. This is going to be such a critical time for you three as  a family and you will have all the alone time you need to make that transition and connection feel right, we are here to help not hinder and I want you to have that time together’.  I mean can we get the man a medal? He never reads my blogs, but if on the off chance you are… thank you.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know there is another pregnant lady out there with the same worries of ‘ how will I connect with my husband and my baby with everyone wanting to be around? How can I turn people away without sounding rude? Do I have to say yes to every visitor?- Please know that you’re not alone and that you should and can take all the time you and your husband/ partner/ baby daddy need to feel connected. This talk with my step dad really gave me a kick of confidence that John and I are in control of the decisions we make for our family unit from here on out, and we should not be guilt tripped or swayed by others.

A side from the pep talk with my Step Dad, this week was exhausting in every sense of the word; it was my 3rd week in a row of working 14 hour days, and I’ve started waking up at 3 am every morning and laying awake for about 2 hours.

This week I am craving red wine.

Week 32

You’ll know if you read my last blog that this week started off in a hot tub in the Blue Ridge mountains… if only every week of pregnancy started with so much sass.

We had another appointment this week too, and it went AMAZING – I don’t really understand, but they do these tests with scores on babies that have frequents scans later on in pregnancy and this little poppet scored a whopping 8/8… kerrrching! More on the apt below!

We were mean’t to have our 7 hour birth class this week, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irma.  This means that we are going to have to listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos; but the thing is, it’s such a natural process and I can’t really control how the birth goes so it is what it is.

Also lets talk about hurricane Irma for a sec….. we completely switched off when we were in GA, so much so that when we got back to FL and went to Publix to get some groceries we found there was no water,and people were buying canned goods like there was some kind of apocalypse…. we missed the memo.  Our hurricane prep consisted of water, food, sandbags and hospital bag swag – we decided we’d use the hours that would have been spent at the Birth class packing the hospital bag.

We are still waiting for the hurricane to reach us as I type this, I hope things will be okay, we are as prepared as we can be. All I can say is thank god I.m 32 weeks and not 38 weeks like a friend of mine, because I’d be heading to Winnie Palmer and camping out in the foyer.

This week I am craving Long Island Ice Tea.


Appointments – We had another growth scan this month, and we will have probably at least another two scans until she arrives in around 6 weeks.   She is already weighing in heavier than I was when I was born, which is crazy to think;  AND it makes me feel super smug because I’ve had some passive remarks from people about what I’ve been eating and how much I’ve been exercising this pregnancy , because clearly it stunts the baby’s growth…..

My blood pressure is also still low and the nurse who took it was like ‘Oh you must be fit and exercise, you’re blood pressure is amazing for this far along’ – why thank you 😉

We also discussed the labor protocol should I go into labor before my induction date… no we don’t know the date yet, but when we do we will be keeping it to ourselves because the last thing I want it people texting every 5 fricking minutes for updates…. real life.

Food Cravings: I’ve had some interesting things creep back in… Mash potato is a huge one and of course oranges/ tangerines -I eat between 2 – 3 a day.  We didn’t have any in the car for our trip to GA and I made us stop off for them… the addiction is real.  And…….Alcohol… if you can’t tell from my weekly cravings.

Symptoms –  Acid reflux is still trying to be my best friend every night, but I wish it would give up because me and it are never going to be friends. Insomnia is starting to kick in which is ironic because I’m exhausted and people keep telling me the ‘rest up now’ – I CAN’T! Oh and… braxton hicks… oh my gosh… that is all I have to say on them.

Weight Gain/ bump progress -In total I have now gained 19 lbs, which like I said last month, as long as I’m gaining weight because of the baby and not because I’m eating like  pig, I’m good. I’m guessing I’ll end up being around 25 lbs up by the end? But who knows? Maybe I’ll get my pig costume on and really go for it over the next 6 weeks.

Exercise: I am still managing to smash out 6 workouts a week, and I’m adding in an extra walk in the day to keep me moving after a day at the computer. I have had to modify A LOT more now, but it’s kind of fun because it means I have to get creative to get my muscles sore and heart rate up. I have 2 weeks left of My Best Body Home, and then I’m going to download the free 3 week trial that Abbie released a few weeks ago, meaning I’ll have a structured exercise routine up to 37 weeks. (Also if you want to give this program a try you can find the free trial here)  I am also trying to focus more on my core and pelvic floor.

Diet :  I don’t feel like eating food, nothing sounds appealing and I just want snacks, so my diet is very basic.  Lots of soup, eggs and rotisserie chicken speckled with the odd chips and salsa binge.  In my opinion, there is little worse than having to force feed yourself, but alas it needs to be done.

Other:  Things are ticking a long nicely, I have 5 weeks left in work so I’m frantically trying to wrap up some projects and get my hand over complete so that it’s comprehensible for the folks taking over –  my plan is to get it done by 36 weeks so that if she comes early all is good.  My bump is at the size now where I need to squat to pick things up, and when she moves its no longer the ‘cute flutters’ it feel more like my entire insides are in a washing machine.  Also when I lay on my side she decides to lodge herself between my hip bone and rib cage which feels SO weird!


I think that’s it for now, as you can tell the challenges that I am facing now are more mental than physical, there has been a distinct change in the way I think of things and the things I worry about; I think maybe, just maybe, I’m gaining a lot more self confidence in the realm of standing up for what I believe in and fighting for the things that matter to my family.  Whilst this may not be your typical pregnancy blog I would like to think  that a lot of pregnant women can relate; as pregnancy comes to a close things seem more real.   Personally I believe that because I’ve been so active during this pregnancy my third trimester has enabled me to focus and open my mind to the mental developments, rather than the aches and pains.

I don’t know if there will be another general update before she arrives to be honest, so in case there isn’t THANK YOU to all of you that have followed my journey and encouraged me every step of the way during this pregnancy.  My blog may become more of a pregnancy and parent blog, but this was always my intention when I started this blog.  I knew that when the time came I would use this as a platform to connect with other mum’s and share my struggles and successes when trying to juggle my health, fitness, husband, baby and career.

Cariad Mawr



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