We probably were taking a risk leaving our Babymoon so close to the end of pregnancy (oh hi 32 weeks), but I didn’t want to have to take any extra days off work and time off in the summer for me is just not ideal… #waterparklife 

I spend a good amount of my time in airports and hotels so when we were booking the Babymoon I knew that I didn’t want it to involve either of those things.  I’m kinda sick of the same hotel crap day in day out.

Our first thought was to head to Savannah for the weekend but it turned out that all the nice bed and breakfasts were about $350 a night … ha ha ha . No. And we would have had to eat out for every meal… again… I travel a lot for work so eating out isn’t as fun anymore. 

One thing about living in Florida is that we rarely have a change in scenery or weather, I could have happily gone to the Caribbean and had some beach time, but Zika put a halt on that and I’m also kind of sick of the same old 5 star resort bullshit, and it always takes a few days to relax, ironically . So, in a quest to find some fresh air, different views and a humble setting we settled on the idea of a mountainside cabin; and because airports were out of the question we opted for the Blue Ridge mountains in Georgia!

We set out early to try and get to the cabin  by 4pm…. well it turns out that taking a road trip with a pregnant human being adds about 90 mins of bathroom breaks onto your journey, which in our case meant we hit Atlanta during rush hour adding another 2 hours onto our drive ….. that turned our 7 hour journey into 11 hours …. no comment. 

Where we stayed 

We found our cabin on Georgia Mountain Cabin’ ,we chose a small intimate cabin tucked away so that it could be just John and I, however if you wnt a more impressive cabin they have plenty!  I’d highly recommend this management company if you are looking for a cabin rental; very responsive, reasonably priced and send you a crap load of information! 

As we were approaching our cabin at the end of our 11 hour drive, we tested our car’s limits by driving it up the Worlds steepest road only to be greeted by quite possibly the cutest cabin I’ve ever seen; the view was breathtaking yet the ambiance was peaceful and humble.

Each morning, within moments of waking up the whistle kettle was on, tea was being made and we were sat out on the balcony enjoying the crisp mountain air… blankets were needed and it was glorious!

The cabin had a hot tub too (duh) so we spent some time hanging out in that on the Sunday morning and evening which was surreal.

What we did 

Train ride 

We spontaneously booked tickets to go on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway train to McCaysville, GA / Coppertown, TN on the Saturday morning. We opted for the first class cuz we fancy….. just kidding …. you had to be 18 and over to be in this cabin and as we are celebrating our time before kids the last thing we wanted was to be surrounded by them…. plus tbh I have a low tolerance of most kids… we shall see how that plays out when we have our own. 

The whole Fanfayre around this expedition made it 10000 times more fun, we picked our tickets up from the will call and headed to our train cabin.  We were first greeted by a gentleman dressed in legit train conductor gear who gave us a swanky collectors pin as our ticket , then Eleanor, the other train person (don’t know her real title.. sorry Eleanor) gave us a collectors bag with some swag and a drink ! Because we had upgraded we were able to have unlimited drinks and snacks, plus our cabin had its very own bathroom – this Ladies and gents is what pregnant ladies dreams are made of – food, drink, bathroom. 

The ride took about hour, along the Taccoa river , I was half expecting to see the railway children waving their flags, but instead we saw some pretty cool Native American history, beautiful houses and a dog that likes to chase the train every day…. I was of course obsessed with the dog. 

The town sister towns were okay, I won’t pretend I loved it, because I didn’t. It wasn’t as charming and southern as Blue Ridge but we managed to fill our 2 hours with cheese, crackers, a walk and saw the ‘famous’ combined ‘Gun and Drug’ store.  Also, when I’m not on a drinking hiatus this place had a pretty decent brewery that I would probably go back and try out… that would be a great way to spend 2 hours. 

With two really freaking loud toots of the train, it was time to get back on and head back to Blue Ridge… I took a nap. Surprise surprise . 

Swinging bridge 

This was our first mountain adventure since getting to Blue Ridge , and since we spent the previous day sat on our arses’ in the car and two hours of the Saturday on a train we wanted to get moving so we decided to do one of the small walks recommend by both the lady in the caboose and the area map.… IF someone is from the mountains and says to you “it’s a 3 mile dirt road off the highway, I was there last month it’s a good road” – DO NO, I repeat DO NOT believe them. This road was NOT okay, about 3/4 of the way up I burst into tears and wanted nothing more than to get out the car and just run, I was terrified . 

And to put this into perspective, I’m not a nervous person in ‘questionable’ driving conditions, the road leading to my house in the U.K. Is one car wide but is a two car road, I’ve been to the Porsche performance track and purposely driven a car on sketchy conditions to figure out how to get out of them, for fun, but this was something else . 

Once we’d finally made it to the top I got out the car faster than I ever have. Poor John.

Thank god this hike was beautiful because It completely calmed me down, the bridge was SO COOL, a proper suspension bridge, the type that moves with every step you take, on top of the coolness it spanned over crystal clear water, and lead to a Forrest of more trails and miniature streams.  I 100% felt like I was back in Chilbolton in the UK. 

Is the bridge worth seeing? YES. However, there is a small area at the bottom of the deadly road, so I would suggest making it a half day trip, parking there and walking up the 3 mile shitty road.  Trust me. Just do it.

Long creek falls 

On Day three we had a super relaxing morning eating pancakes and chilling in the hot tub before heading out to Long creek falls. 

The same lady that told us about the swinging bridge told us about Long creek falls so tbh what I really needed a flask full of whisky to calm my nerves , and I don’t even like whiskey , it’s just too early to drink gin at 11am. 

5 mikes out, you guessed it, another dirt freaking road !!!  I think my silence spoke to John, he stopped the car half way up, parked and decided to hike the rest, which was a great idea because we got to go to off road and saw things we would have missed from the car.

Once we hit the trail head it got a little uneasy under foot, but do able… honestly , I would have most likely given running a go if I wasn’t 8 months pregnant. The trail is only about 1 mile to the waterfall which is probably why there were a load of family’s and dogs, so if you’re new to trails and hiking or have a little one, it’s good one to do! 

Once we’d found the waterfall we found a rock and we sat and ate our picnic…. let me tell ya, I am a simple soul and I couldn’t have been happier . I am obsessed with walks and picnics, they are super nostalgic to me and if my heart weren’t so black I could have cried with happiness. The things I used to do as a child I’m now doing with my husband…. loving life. 

After eating our sarnies, taking a few failed photos by the waterfall and talking about doing these type of adventures with Derek we headed back down the trail and to the car. 

John would like me to add that his ‘Face isn’t actually this fat its shadows from his hairy face’.

We made it, 7 miles, 5 million pee breaks among the trees, all at 8 months pregnant – my brother thinks I’m insane. 

Downtown blue ridge 

We spent some time both days in the down town area, it was just too cute ! 

The high street is full of eateries, antique stores and some really nice clothes stores – which I find is always hit and miss with these little towns. In spirit of having to Wear a jumper (that’s a sweater to you American folk) I hopped on the fall fashion hype and ended up getting a really nice blue soft knit jumper and a pink-ish top…. both perfect for feeding and cuddling little Derek. 

If you watch cupcake wars then this will excite you, because it excited us… of the winners has a store in Blue Ridge so we ended up getting one and it was amazing ! It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and their wasn’t a mountain of frosting either! 

There were so many breweries in downtown Blue Ridge, which unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try out (one day we will be back) , so if you’re a beer fan (Abbie, Maria I’m looking at you – in fact let’s do a couples trip here) then you want to spend some time sampling the local beers.

We had to settle on finding a coffee shop post walk rather than sipping on an ice cold beer (7 weeks, 7 weeks) , and we found one called Das Kaffe Haus – I’m not sure if it’s a chain or not, but I had an amazing Cappuccino – there’s something about drinking coffee, especially cappuccinos from proper china mugs , perhaps it’s the European in me.

Where we ate 

Normally this would be the most interesting part of a trip for us, but not this time, we had no desire to eat out we just wanted to spend time in the cabin away from everyone – introvert life. 

We did a supermarket shop when we got to the area on the Friday night so we had supplies for breakfast and dinner for two nights.   

We did order pizza from a local sports bar, Blue Jeans, on the Sunday night, which was DELICIOUS, oddly expensive, but delicious . We ended up eating it on the balcony of our cabin looking out over the mountains, after a long day of walking it was perfect. Also what’s a trip to the mountains without a s’more? So that happened too, but after we chilled in the hot tub for an hour, however that outdoor powwow came to an abrupt stop thanks to the mosquito’s! 

So that’s it, I’m current typing this out as we embark on our journey home … will it be a 12 hour journey? Will it be 8 hours? How many times will Derek make me stop and use the bathroom? Who knows!  (spoiler alert, its now a day later and we took less bathroom breaks and made it back in 8 hours – BINGO)

This weekend was absolutely perfect and JUST what John and I needed . We needed a weekend where we could unplug from the World and really enjoy each other’s company, remembering the reasons we fell in love with each other, and being reminded that this journey is ours, no one else, ours. Its so easy to forget that sometimes; sometimes there are outside pressures that alter the way you interact, but at the end of the day when you’re married and you’re bringing a child into the World you have to start being firmer in your beliefs for the sake of the family unit.  We talked about our favorite memories together, we talked about the future, our goals and desires, we laughed more than we have laughed in ages , we forgot about all the things that have made this year possibly the most stressful year yet . 

I may have a black heart , but man do I love this human being that I’ve chosen to do life with; okay Derek, we are ‘ready'(ish) when you are. 

That’s it, GA you were just what we needed.

Thanks for stopping by

Oh and if we ever make it as singers and songwriters , this is our album cover….

Cariad mawr 



PS. HOW THE FRICK AM I 32 weeks pregnant ?!?! 

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