Month 7 – Weeks 25- 28

Hello there Third Trimester, its nice to meet you. Hang on, WHAT? How is this even possible? Oh sh*t – anyway whilst I sit and take in the fact that I am in the last trimester of growing a human, here is a run down of the last month.

Week 25

This week was pretty intense in a good way; It started off with a quick 36 hour trip to New Orleans , where some kind man paid for my lunch because he said I looked stressed… haha thanks pal.  Also how is it that when you plan to have quiet day in work and to put your out of office on, it ends up being an INSANE day? Life much?  But….. my out of office did get turned on, just in time to collect my mum from the airport.

Seeing her in the airport was so bittersweet, I was completely over joyed, but it also made me sad that whilst I choose to live over we will always have these airport reunions and that there would be things we will miss out on doing together, however I was beyond grateful to have her here.

Within 12 hours of my mum being here I ran my last pregnancy run, shopped at the farmers market and started painting the Nursery, its safe to say whilst we totally ROCK at painting… we probably got more paint on us and the floor than we did on the walls.

Those last 3 pregnancy miles

Week 26

This week was kicked off in the best way possible…. my Baby Shower! My friend Maria hosted such an incredible afternoon of food, fun and games; to add to getting to spend the afternoon with some of my favorite people in Florida, Maria and Abbie had worked closely with my mum (sneaky sneaks) to get a video from members of my family back in the U.K. , sending clips of them and kind words and luck.  I cried. the ugly cry, it was BEAUTIFUL and perfect and something I will treasure forever, I’ve already watched it a few more times.

With my mum being in town I had no solid workout plans and took the week as a day by day case, which worked out perfectly.

On the Sunday we wrapped up the nursery painting (the big reveal will be soon) and managed to wangle a second hospital tour so that my mum isn’t utterly clueless when she arrives.  As for what-else we got up to, we organised the kitchen cupboards and made a dedicated area for lil B’s stuff, had the 4D scan, went baby shopping, went on a bike ride and read books by the pool; the perfect balance of productivity and relaxing.

This time, saying goodbye really really sucked, the hardest goodbye yet.  We never had the luxury of having a super close mum and daughter relationship growing up because of certain circumstances, and since my step dad has come into the picture he has encouraged and supported all the mum and daughter time and I guess its just just ironic that now we have the chance to, we have a huge ocean between us; but I’m so grateful to have these memories and a relationship that makes goodbyes so hard.

Anyway, to perk the mood a bit, John took me to the beach and to get fish and chips that Friday to try and lift my spirits!

Week 27

I won’t sugar coat it, this week was utter bullsh*t.

This is the week I stopped and thought ‘Man I really am pregnant aren’t I’; things started aching and I really felt the need to put the breaks on a little, or at least drop it down a gear and for someone that is addicted to the 1000mph lifestyle this was a harsh reality.

So you know that pelvic pain I mentioned a few weeks ago? It came back with a vengeance and is one of the reasons why week 26 housed my last run of this pregnancy.  Basically it turns out that the hormone relaxin has made an early appearance, so this coupled with little B hanging out in my groin I have mild SPD, which by the way really really hurts.  I wont go into details because i’m no expert but basically my pelvis is staring to separate because the relaxin is loosening my joints and they are moving apart.   Because of this I’ve had to make some changes to my workouts – No more running, no more unilateral leg exercises and no more swimming breast stroke (so that means I have to do proper swimming, complete with goggles, kick board and an elevated heart rate, no more leisurely swimming only).  Thankfully most cases come to an abrupt stop a few days after having the baby, but OBVIOUSLY I went to Google M.D and convinced myself I was never going to be able to run again. Real smooth move.

We also had a day where Little Miss B decided that moving just was’t on the agenda, which was really kind of her.  I was more of a hot mess because I didn’t know where the line of being ridiculously paranoid and a cause for concern was….  Do I call the Dr? Do I just wait and see? I ended up calling the Dr, which BTW the conversation started with a ‘I’m sorry to bother you but…..’ , she told me to get down there right away.  You can bet I continued to apologize once we had completed the scan and she was all a-okay!  I was however told I have an anterior placenta which is stopping me feel a lot of her movement, this coupled with her being so low means feeling movement is tricky.  The Dr gave me some tiptop tips on how to kick count and sent me on my way with a smile and a ‘please do not hesitate to call us okay’. Three take-a-ways for fellow preggos here.

  1. Ask your Dr or midwife where your placenta is .
  2. Ask about how to kick count correctly and what constitutes as a kick.
  3. Remind yourself you are not a burden, this is your child and if you feel worried, call.

So that coupled with the sadness of saying ‘bye’ to my mum and my crazy and irrational hormones (talk about bickering central in the Bower House) Week 27 was by far the hardest week to date both emotionally and physically; oh an acid reflux made an appearance this week too, more on that next week.

Week 28


This week was my birthday week too and I just would like to state that this is the first ‘dry’ birthday I’ve had in over 10 years….you can bet i’ll be making up for it at Christmas.. this girl needs her birthday Pimms and Prosecco.   My actual Birthday I had to work, because apparently that’s what grown ups do, but as far as grown up birthdays go it was great.  It started with a birthday workout… 28 exercises with 28 reps; I managed to guilt trip john into doing this workout, one of my best friends took me out for lunch and then I ended the night watching the fireworks at Epcot whilst eating fish and chips (and im well aware I had fish and chips less than two weeks ago – Fun fact, I’ve not had fish and chips in YEARS but since being pregnant I’ve had it 3 times).

Oh,  I also look pregnant now, as in people in the street or people in shops actually have the confidence to ask me when I’m due… feels real, amazing and like I’m a true pregnant Lass.   We also had our First third trimester appointment this week too, it was a long one, but i’ll cover that in the apt section below!

ALSO we have a name!!!!!

General updates 

Appointments – We’ve had two appointments in the last month and we’ve got to see her BOTH times… the first was our 4D scan when my mum was here and it was amazing! In true mini me fashion she was being stubborn and wouldn’t move her head so we got some goodish pictures, but she said we could have another go at the 28 week scan.

The 28 week apt was LONNNNG…… I’m talking close to 3 hours long – I had the glucose test (50g sugar in 10mins), DTAP injection (that was a surprise) , a growth scan (shes in the 55th percentile) and the second try of the 4D scan (she was facing towards my back, so it was hopeless).  Let me tell you this appointment WORE ME OUT, I’m not sure if it was the combination of a sugar high and crash combined with the shot, but I felt off all day.

I will continue to have growth scans now every 3-4 weeks to make sure everything is looking good because of the blood thinners along with a general apt every 2 weeks. I came out of this apt feeling really defeated wondering if my body is capable of housing this little girl for another 11 weeks, I think my sugar crash had something to do with it.  I’m grateful I get to see her so much because of my crappy blood, but it’s hard to not feel a bit sh*t when you have to have these tests to ensure that your body is working right and keeping her alive and healthy.

Also, if there are any people reading this that have been induced and have had a somewhat positive experience, send me an email because all I get is people saying ‘Oh you don’t want that, I’ve heard its terrible’ – thing is I don’t really care what you’ve heard, if you didn’t go through it it’s not really helpful to comment.

Food Cravings: Same as last time, so, nothing.

Symptoms – SDP this has been a killer!! I’ve been so lucky this pregnancy to be able to carry on with every day life with not much changing, but the last 2 weeks I’ve felt a distinct shift in my body. I get tired a lot easier and I’ve had to slow down.  ALSO… I’m 5 days into the third trimester and I’ve already thrown up more than I did in the first trimester thanks to hard core acid reflux.

Weight Gain/ bump progress -In total I have now gained 16 lbs, which is apparently puts me right on track for me to gain the required amount for my pre-pregnancy weight; but honestly, the more I think about this the more I really don’t care about how much I put on as long as I know I am taking care of my health and putting that first; I think that’s what we should all focus on!

Exercise: Swimming is now my new form of cardio, and I am starting to LOVE it!  I have a feeling that it’s going to set the precedent for my training seasons here on out, for example…. the weather in FL during the summer is brutal which makes running even when I’m not pregnant hard, so I may end up using the summer months to focus on strength training and improving my cardiovascular strength via swimming with the odd run speckled in, and that the other half of the year will be more focused on running… (you will not find me in that outdoor pool in the winter… brrrrr)

Diet :SMALL MEALS PLEASE … other wise I will vomit.  Since my mum was here I’ve been loving fruit and yogurt for breakfast.  I’ve also started sourcing all our food locally, from a local butcher and farmers market… guess what? its cheaper than the super market – go figure that!

Other:  This last month FLEW by, I think its because of the excitement of my mum coming, followed by a week of feeling really sad that she wasn’t here anymore and a quiet baby, followed by getting excited that we are in the third trimester.  We have done a lot to the nursery too, but its not finished yet, but I promise when it is i’ll share it with you; I’m starting to love it, but its not right just yet.

Anyway that’s it! See you all soon, and by then the countdown WILL REALLY BE ON!

Cariad Mawr



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