It’s A…..

…  GIRL – oh my gosh is this even real? I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

2 weeks ago John and I headed to our 16 week apt and gender scan; I felt different before this apt than any of the other ones, rather than hoping everything was okay, I needed everything to be okay. After the big announcement things really seemed real, and we really started to imagine our life with this little one in it.

We had this plan, we wanted this moment to be special for just John and I, no one else just us, not even the sonographer, we asked her to tell us to look away and to write it on a piece of paper and give it to us in an envelope… coolest envelope ever don’t you think.

We left the appointment and both went our separate ways to continue with our work day…. You have no idea how hard it was to concentrate, thankfully, I have two high demanding clients right now that kept me busy whilst that golden envelope just sat in my bag for 9 hours!

That evening we had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, dressed up, put the envelope in my bag and off we went.  Once we got to our table it was so awkward, we weren’t sure when to open it, if we should order a drink first? literally first date kinda awkward.  Once our drinks arrived it was time, I opened it and flipped it over….. A GIRL! I was speechless , John’s response… ‘see i told you’… such a guy.  The second realm of awkwardness hit the table too…. we just sat and stared at each other – for me I was in complete shock and also it really hit me that I’m going to have a child, I’m having a daughter, this baby now had more of an identity – this is really happening.

Having that moment just the two of us was so incredibly special and it will be moment I cherish forever.

Fast forward 10 days – The Gender reveal party.

So this is a new thing, and ‘oh so very American’, but when I saw the invites in target, there was no choice, this just had to be done! I LOVE hosting parties, so why stop just because I cant drink.

We weren’t sure what we should do other than the reveal at the party so we basically made it into one big competition. As people arrived they had to wear a necklace that determined what they thought it was going to be; we had a floating frame with a photo of the scan in it and people wrote their name in the colour they think it is (this would be our keepsake from the day); we had a pinata because John and I are basically about 5 and we had a load of decorations and balloons.

Food wise I totally cheated and had sandwiches made from Publix, but I did make the cupcakes which were stuffed with pink and blue m and m’s, gingerbread men and women and pink and blue drinks.

The reveal

We had everyone go outside where the balloon box was… cliché I know, we wanted party poppers but I soon realized the monumental task of cleaning that up would be hideous; we had my parents on skype.

1,2,3 …..

So there we have it, we are bringing a scrumptious little girl home in October and we couldn’t be more excited.

As for names, we have three we like but are keeping them top secret until the arrival of baby Bower; I have a feeling when we meet her we will know the right name.

Thank you to everyone that came today and made this moment special for us and also to everyone that has said nothing but nice things to us since announcing this news!

Cariad Mawr,



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