Set backs and mishaps

Do you ever find yourself giving someone STELLAR advice, like legit advice about something, but then when the same thing happens to you, you just pretend that that awesome advice never came out of your mouth? yeah me too.

Here’s the thing I set out with some pretty hefty physical goals this year, sure I expected some set backs and injuries but not this early on.  Before I carry on, I deffffffinetly don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me.

SO lets recap, I want to run 2017 miles in 2017, that means 39 miles per week, every week for 52 weeks. I wanted to set out with this challenge slow, my thought process was to up my mileage slowly and then by the second half of the year i’ll be able to make up for the missed miles from the first half of the year because my body should be able to handle the intensity. GREAT PLAN.

Despite my grandioso plan, 2 weeks in and i’m laying here legs elevated with ice packs all over my right thigh. F**K (sorry mum) how is this possible?! Here’s how, in true Joradnna fashion I went head first into this goal, the kind of ‘I’m a bulldozer you cant stop me’ kind of way, ignored the small twinge in my hip flexor after a morning of hill sprints and carried on full force.  It was hard not to carry on when I was smashing my splits, increasing speed yet lowering my heart rate; runners high is a real thing!!

Then comes Saturday(yesterday) I couldn’t walk, like really couldn’t walk; I had officially pushed it too far.  I had been stubborn and not listened to my body or the stellar advice I gave my friend a few weeks back.  It was, at this point that I just sat on the bedroom floor sobbing with frustration at myself and my body,  asking John why my body gets injured. (I know exactly why, hi there wonky spine)

There you have it, one big fat setback.

Thing is setbacks happen, and its how we deal with them is what really matters.  Sure not all setbacks are fitness related, but fitness related set backs seem to have a bigger emotional impact on us, and well I’ve had my fair share of them so feel like I can talk about them more openly.  Plus once I started changing the way I dealt with fitness setbacks, I was able to deal with other setbacks in my career, relationship and general life in a much healthier way  (DISCLAIMER: Pragmatic thinking can only commence after the melodramatic tears)

  1. Give yourself a huge bear hug, because admiting that things kind of went wrong is tough, but a vital step.
  2. REST – if your set back is injury based this is A HUGE step, this is the step I suck at; but when I do rest things heal up way quicker.
  3. Re-align your goals – Just because you’ve had a set back it doesn’t mean you’ve failed, instead re-align the goal -My 2017 mile goal has not gone, instead its been altered to suit my body and its needs. So rather rather than running 2017 mile, i’ll complete 2017 miles by running, swimming and cycling – hi there Tri-Athlete 😉
  4. Don’t compare – We are all so guilty of this! I was really irritated at my body for not being able to cope with this mileage increase; I thought ‘how come I see so many people on Social media coping with this mileage plus some?’ Here’s why, they aren’t me and i’m not them.  My body is different to theirs, and that doesn’t have to mean it’s bad.  Once I stopped comparing, and started loving the body I was given I was able to face up to the reality that my structural make-up is unable to cope (right now) with this type of mileage and impact, and that’s okay.
  5. Talk it out – This is why we have friends, to go through the best moments in life, have the best laughs and create incredible memories,  but also to have your back when you’re down. Talking it out with some of my closet friends helped SO much, they were able to give me a level headed plan of action whilst I was still in my melodramatic panic mode of ‘i’m never going to be able to run again’ – Thanks Ladies.
  6. Nutrition – Its so easy to fall into the void of eating everything under the sun because everything went wrong. Thing is crap nutrition will not only make you feel like crap – moody, bloated etc, you get the jist; above that bad nutrition will hinder your ability to heal.
  7. Focus on other things short term – For instance this week I am using the extra time to factor in a yoga routine each day, this will (hopefully) carry on when training resumes.  On top of that I am using the week to train upper body as much as possible… welcome to the gun show…..

That’s it, setbacks are a fact of life, but they don’t need to be negative.

Cariad Mawr




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