Find your purpose in working out….

……. because motivation will never be enough.

People always ask me ‘how do you stay motivated?’, and to be honest I don’t, about 50% of the time i’d rather stay curled up in my nice warm bed for an extra 90 minutes in the morning; and it takes every ounce of my being every time I go to whole foods or publix to not buy 12 cookies and eat them all.  

DEDICATION. That is what keeps me focused and on the right path, dedication is what comes into play the day’s motivation is nowhere to be seen.  

PURPOSE. Purpose helps me get through the workout once I start the workout. For me without a purpose, I struggle to see the point.

I could end my blog here, because to be honest it really is as simple as that….. dedication & purpose,  but I guess the big question is, how do you become so dedicated to something ?

I’ll start with a story.

I’ve been a gym rat for a good 4  years now, and I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve loved the easy sessions, the sessions I am pumped to start, the sessions that have hosted PB, even the sessions that have made me feel like the weakest person in the world’. I’ve also  loved the other side of the gym rat lifestyle… the flexible eating, the amount of donuts I could consume in one sitting and it not affecting my weight was pretty incredible.  My dedication during these 4 years laid within the curiosity of ‘how far can I push my body? How much can I lift? How chiseled can I make my muscles? But back in August after I completed my last workout program, despite being overjoyed my visual and strength progress when it came to going back to the gym to carry on lifting I had no motivation. I decided to remain dedicated to my ‘goals’ , I gave myself a pep talk and off I would go. This feeling lasted longer than a day or two, it lasted a few weeks, this is when I realized something wasn’t right and that it was time to reassess my goals.

During those 3 weeks I realized that at the beginning I wasn’t being mindful, I was ignoring the persistent lack of motivation.  Rather than give up I sat down, looked at the the goals I was training towards, and asked if i still care about them

  • Do I care about my body fat percentage? No
  • Do I care about how much I can lift? No
  • Do I want to wake up every morning and head to a room full of people? No
  • Do I care about being strong? Yes
  • Why am I lifting weight & what is the end goal? No too sure. (this answer here told me EVERYTHING, the lack of end goal was making me feel like I wasting my time).

To be honest my answers to these questions made me question my identity, I mean this has been me for so many years, people come to me asking for tips on gym dedication and motivation yet I don’t care about going myself?!  Before a mini breakdown ensued I put pen to paper and wrote down the things that really matter to me right now, lifestyle and fitness related.

  • I want to spend more time outside.
  • I want to have goals that do not directly relate to how I look.
  • I want to reduce inflammation in my body.
  • I want my body to be as healthy and relaxed as it can be because i’m sure in the coming years John and I will want children, so I want my body to be happy & ready.
  • I want to exercise and eat with purpose.
  • I want to be healthy & energized
  • I want goals that have set measurable achievements.

Running. My mind came to running, and no it didn’t ping into my head just like that.  The past few months i’ve been in awe at people I follow on social media and their running abilities, and i’d think ‘I wish I hadn’t stopped running, that could be me now’ .

Well with these new goals I thought ‘ why can’t this be me now?’. Sure lots of excuses came into my head; my knees hurt sometimes, it’s hard work, people in the fitness world sometimes laugh at ‘cardio bunnies’…blablablaaa. But you know what WHO CARES? This is my journey and this is where my heart is right now.

With my list of things that mattered to me I was able to set out some achievable goals for myself. (this is something I learnt to do during the ‘My best Body’ program. 

  • Run a marathon – dream big right
  • Train slow and thorough.
  • Integrate resistance training into my week to help with my running.

I slept on these new goals for about 5 days to see if they still gave me a feeling of excitement after the initial hype, and they did.  Every single one of these goals means that every time I put my sneakers on I am training with purpose, I am dedicated to reaching my goals, I am motivated to succeed.


The slow and through goal was VERY important for me as I am known for going in head first, full steam ahead with everything I do, sometimes that’s great, other times not so much.   Applying the slow and steady rule will make sure that I am less susceptible to injury and that I won’t get bored or burnt out.  I will do a separate blog on this in the future.

I am now on week 5  of working towards my new goals and loving every moment of it, so far I haven’t had to rely on my dedication, it’s still all motivation.  

The last 2 months have truly shown me that by being mindful we are able to identity the changing seasons in our life, and as long as we are open and respect these changes we are able to grow and move forward; don’t be afraid of change, just accept, evalute and move forward.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cariad Mawr



You can track my training progress on my ‘training log page’


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