Whole30 Week 4 – Meals, Moods & Milestones

Hey there, Happy Monday- I cant believe I am actually getting this out on time!

The last 4 weekends have been manic so we promised ourselves this weekend that we would slow down a little, and it was been truly blissful. We still got to see our friends, but we also still got some real quality time together.   I wanted to focus on myself this weekend too, its been a while since I have had a reset weekend, where I evaluate where I am in life,  how my goals are progressing and things I think need to change.

We decided that we would have a dedicated date night once a fortnight, we have focused on eating well for so long that this aspect of our life has dropped off the radar, so this is something we are picking back up!  I also re evaluated some of my fitness goals which have actually have changed A LOT.

As I am writing this I think the little fluffy one is enjoyed the change of pace this weekend too.



















You will see that the format has changed slightly to the last 3 weeks, that’s because each day the content was becoming the same; our moods, energy levels and cravings are pretty stagnant – which is great for us, but boring to read.

ALSO, this week I was so busy with work I failed at the taking a ‘picture of my meals thing’; so sorry about that – but the menu breakdown is still at the bottom.





Monday, Monday, Monday, we meet again – With a list as long as my arm to get done today it was up and at it right away; and by right away I mean sat at my work desk by 7:45am.   I wanted to start my new training schedule this week, but because the weekend was so busy I didn’t get chance to sit and go through it properly, so I carried on with weight training only.

What we ate 

Breakfast : Frittata with Peach

Yes it is the same as last week as it is really easy, filling and yummy.  I was going to chnage up the fruit option but this huge box of peaches was only $4.99 from Trader Joes…… Bargain.



















Lunch : Chicken meat balls with roasted butternut squash, zucchini and Broccoli, topped with roasted red pepper sauce.

Okay so I have a picture of the veggies being cooked, the homemade roasted red pepper sauce and…….. the picture I  took after I dropped my food on the floor, I totally went with the whole 10 second rule, not even ashamed.



Dinner:  Sweet potato topped Sheperds pie with green beans






Okay there is no way today could be worse than Monday; Monday was one of those days where things went so insanely off course that laughter was the only coping mechanism; I mean positive mental attitude right?

To be honest I was super motivated today, motivated to be an even more upbeat, kind & compassionate person; this was fueled by an encounter with a less than graceful person yesterday.

Turning negative situations into positive ones seems to be the theme of the week so far!

What we ate

Breakfast : Same as yesterday

Lunch: Tuna, sweet potato mash and green beans

No matter how you photograph this, it looks gross, too much of the same texture, so I’ll spare you from that; but its a great nutritionally balanced meal and tastes great.  You can swap the mash out for a baked spud, and it looks a bit more pleasing.

Dinner: Coconut milk chicken curry on cauliflower rice and kale.

I decided to steer away from any recipe for this dish, there is something exciting about being able to improvise.  I am more creative and take more risks with baking, but always played it safe with ‘real food’; but after 3 weeks of cooking real foods I felt like I was ready






WOW my stomach is UNHAPPY today, and my eyes sight kind of suck; but that could be because i’m focusing more on them because the hospital called to confirm my Lumbar Puncture (CRY). Other than that that things are going great!

What we ate 

Breakfast : Same as yesterday

Lunch : Shepherds Pie

Dinner: Chicken meat balls & Roasted Veg

I switched the lunch and dinner meals around so that I could hit the gym without throwing up a heavy meal, I mean no one wants that right? So I had a very early light dinner and a post workout.

Post workout: Banana, almond butter and almond milk bowl





REST DAY!!! Today marks 5 years since the day I met John; being too sentimental makes me feel uncomfortable, but what a blessing it was to be at the right place at the right time.  I posted a really long Instagram post about how important it is to really love who you are before you can truly fall in love with someone else and have a healthy relationship. I to this day believe that my ability to be happy in myself enabled John and I to have a very naturally progressing stress free relationship, no insecurities, no trust issues and most of all no ‘just settling’. So little pep talk here, EVERYONE one you deserves to be in a relationship like this; do.not.settle.

Here is the first picture we ever took......
Here is the first picture we ever took……

Anyway now that little emotional thing is over… to the food.

What we ate 

Breakfast : Same as yesterday

Lunch : Same as Tuesday 

Dinner: Same as Tuesday 





Ahhhh the start of the weekend, the time where the most temptation swooops in.

What we ate

Breakfast: Kale & tomato egg scramble with avocado.

The frittata pan is only big enough to make food for 4 days, so its all about whisking up what is left in the fridge on a Friday.


Lunch :  Wholefoods

Dinner: Same as Thursday 





THE HARDEST DAY SO FAR. for real. We are 4 days from the end, we are over this bullshit and we just want a glass of wine; we are tired of cooing every meal, and tired of going to wholefoods. meh.

We toyed with the idea of going out for Dinner, but then it occurred to us that we absolutely would sway from the rules and end up having wine.

So John decided he wanted to cook and put everything he has learnt over the past 25 days to use; so he headed to Publix and and picked all the ingredients and cooked up a storm.

What we ate

Breakfast : Ying & Yang smoothie bowl

I had an incredible sleep last night so woke up with so much imagination and creativity.  I wanted to have my Saturday Smoothie bowl but with a bit more pizzazz!!  So one side was Cherry and Strawberry, and the other was Cacao & Avocado….. I wont show the behind the scenes picture, the kitchen was a STATE.



Lunch : Chipotle

Dinner : Salmon, sweet potato cakes and a pear & walnut salad






Hi there sleepy Sunday!! Today I was determined to have a relaxing yet productive day, so I dedicated my morning to sitting in the sun, which lasted 40 mins  because Florida doesn’t seem to want to give up the heat just yet.  I did end up creating a morning routine for John and I as we have not fallen into a structured routine since the crazy summer, so this way we can get everything done we need to between the hours of 6 – 8am without feeling stressed and rushed.

The afternoon obviously consists of Wholefoods, the rest of the grocery shop and meal prep.

What we ate 

Breakfast: Fried eggs on spinach salad & fruit bowl. 

When my friend told me I would get tired of eating breakfast foods, I was like ‘ yeahh right’ – but Sunday, it happened.


Lunch : WholeFoods

Dinner: Same as breakfast.


This week I would say the number one milestone that sticks out to me is John’s progress in the kitchen, along with him being the one to make sure we don’t sway from the rules, not me!! I am so proud of him!

For me, getting out of my comfort zone and trusting my instincts when it comes to mixing flavors together in the kitchen, I think I am almost at the stage where I will cook for my parents when they come over next!!

Weight wise, both John and I are feeling lean again, which is nice! It wasn’t our main motivation to start the program, but its definitely a bonus!

Thanks for stopping by,

Cariad Mawr




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Frittata & Peach Frittata & Peach Frittata & Peach Frittata & Peach Eggs, kale & Tomato Smoothie Bowl Fried Eggs , spinach salad and Fruit.
Lunch Chicken Meatballs, Roasted Veg & Roasted red pepper sauce. Tuna, sweet potato mash & green beans Sweet potato topped shepherd’s pie & green beans Tuna, sweet potato mash & green beans Whole Foods Chipotle Whole Foods
Dinner Sweet potato topped shepherd’s pie & green beans Chicken Curry & Cauliflower Rice Chicken Meatballs, Roasted Veg & Roasted red pepper sauce. Chicken Curry & Cauliflower Rice Chicken Curry & Cauliflower Rice Salmon, Spinach & pear salad, with sweet potato cakes. Fried Eggs , spinach salad and Fruit.


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