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Oh my goodness life has been absolutely non stop for the last month or so, I’ve decided that life would be a whole lot less stressful if there were say 30 hours in the day, don’t you think? 7 hours of sleep with 24 hours of time to do stuff with.

Anyway, I had planned to post an in-depth post about my top tips to meal prepping, after so many of you have asked me for tips.  Thing is I have written it, but I’ve looked at it way too many times, and now it just looks wrong; so I am putting it to bed until my brain feels a lot less fuzzy, which I am anticipating will be on the 12th September when my travel ends.


Me, right now; waiting in yet another airport.
Me, right now; waiting in yet another airport.

Its been a hot minute since John and I  have done anything with the house, we ran out of money and ideas;  we still low on decorating funds, but I am full of ideas again, so its time to start collecting those ideas, creating a concept and finally into completion.

If you have followed my blog for a while you’ll know that we painted our bedroom for our second anniversary weekend, we got the necessary bedroom items to begin with, and left it at that for a few reasons; A) we ran out of decorating funds. B) I had no idea what else the room needed C) we had no spare time.

Current bedroom situation, not terrible, but pretty bland.



About 2 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to have some kind of plant in our room after reading an article by  David Wolfe  about how having plants in your house can help with air quality; so with that cued my desire to start working on the bedroom again.

A few ideas buzzed around my mind about how I can incorporate a plant or two into our bedroom whilst on a flight from Orlando to New Orleans, so I had to get them on paper, and later I transferred them into sketch up – this helped me visualize the accents in true scale.


Simple, basic, but super helpful!

With my ideas on paper, I started the standard online quest for the items, of course some of the things are purely wish list caliber because i’m not about to spend almost $100 on a block of wood – inspiration , right 😉

blog 1

1. Allen & Roth Mirror – $51.98

2.Green textured throw pillow – $35.99

3.Dark Wood Shelves – $19.99

4.Violet throw pillow cover – $71.00

5.Aloe Vera plant – $9.99

6.Small wooden tea light holder – $6.99

7.Pewter metal frame – Price varies with size

8.‘Relax’ wooden decor block – $89.99

9.Green arrow mosaic picture frame – $56.00

10.White plant pot – $1.99

11. Lavender Plant  – TBC




So there you have it, my wish/shopping list for my bedroom – I am so excited to reveal the overall transformation of this room!

Thanks for stopping by,

Cariad mawr



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