Our first time decorating

So I had planned to post this about 10 days ago, but with work getting insanely busy it just didn’t happen, so get ready for an influx of bedroom posts in the next 7 days !

Last weekend was our Second anniversary and it was more than perfect, we spend over 72 hours in each others company,  we didn’t go anywhere fancy, we just had plans to hang out with our pup, go to the gym, eat some food and head to the beach.   The understated plans reinstated why I married this man,  we don’t need anything extravagant to have a good time, just some good ole quality time together while going through the motions of everyday life.

For the first time since moving to Florida the weather got in the way of our plans to go to the beach, it was rainy, overcast and actually really nice! We started the weekend off by by going to this breakfast spot, Another Broken Egg over in winter park and it was DELISH!  The menu was amazing, full of so many options; gluten free too!  I couldn’t choose one, so instead ate two breakfasts. yep that’s right two,  and I had zero regrets and zero intentions to skip lunch or dinner. (thumbs up and high five right there)

That Fruit, that egg dish and that pancake… no regrets


As the rain fell harder and harder likelihood of us making it to the beach became slimmer and slimmer, so we had to re think our plans. This breakfast place is close to one of my favorite furniture stores in Orlando, Saturday Models, so the rain coupled with our current location was a great reason for us to go.

Saturday models is a huge warehouse where model homes sell on their furniture, and then Saturday models sell it to the public at reasonable prices. I’ve manged to bag some killer items from this place for the house; some of those nic-nack things that are just out on the counter-tops in model homes, but you cant justify the prices.

We have been in the market for bedroom furniture since we moved house, but have struggled to find a king size bed we like under $1700; however this during our impromptu trip to Saturday models we found a gorgeous king sized  bed!  It was perfect and we absolutely had to take it, and since my parents are coming to stay in May time was really starting to run out.

With the bed purchased, the mattress picked out and the rainy weather sticking around we decided that it was time to paint the bedroom –  and hey what better memory of a Second Anniversary, it will be like a permanent picture of our celebratory weekend. I’ve had the colors picked out for the bedroom for a while now so I skipped into Home Depot with confidence that we could pick up the paint, brushes, rollers and whatever else and head home! Little did I know when it came down to buying the paint there a wave of uncertainly hit me hard.

I wanted to have some cream/off white walls, with a really nice rich but relaxing green accent wall, but when i was faced by all these color swatches so many questions through my head – Is it too dark? Is it too Kermit the Frog life? Finding the perfect combo was proving to be SUPER difficult.

So many people have been confused as to why we wanted to paint a newly painted house, but here’s the thing; I wanted the bedroom to have a completely different feel to te rest of the house, a different color so that it could separate itself from the rest of the house, like some kind of relaxation sanctuary.


Sneaky bottle of two of Presecco


Great straight line…..wrong side.


Day Two

The big reveal


If you ever want someone to paint your house, top tip – do not give me a call, i am the messiest painter EVER. fact.


Look at that crisp straight line.

Now that the painting is complete, the bed frame has be purchased the endless nights of internet surfing for my perfect bedroom furniture within my price range has begun, so stayed tuned over the next few weeks to see my bedroom wishlist.

Happy Saturday!

Caraid Mawr,






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