How a fitness program changed my life

You know when you embark on a Journey with  a destination in mind, but then you end up elsewhere? Well that is exactly what happened to me, and it began 9 months ago when decided to start the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.

Here is how it started; I had followed Kayla on Instagram for some time before I decided to take the plunge and buy the program, the results girls were seeing from the program were insane, the results that I wanted to see.  I held back from buying it for a while because I was certain that I would find my grove in the gym again along with get these results on my own, but after 12 months of not feeling settled in my fitness I took the plunge.

Kayla’s fitness programs are 12 week’s long and are INTENSE! I knew that my fitness level had dropped a little over the 12 months, but jeeeez I would end up red faced, dripping with sweat every, single, time – it was awesome, such a mental and physical challenge.

For the first 12 weeks I followed this guide to a T and did not look at any other form of training, I wanted to commit to the program.  After I had finished the guide I had found my grove  again, along with my obnoxious motivation and was ready to go back to my old gym routine, but I didn’t, and I will tell you why in a moment.

So I  decided to repeat the first guide again, and then move on to the second guide, twice.  I did however change up the way I used the program and started to integrate my own style of training too to suit my training goals and to keep myself more interested, after all, everyone’s journey is different and as long as it works for you, pushes you and makes you happy that really is all that matters.

So why 9 months after feeling ready to move on from BBG am I just only moving on? Well it was because during those first 12 weeks that my life changed tremendously, and I do not mean in the form of killer abs and toned legs, the program gave me friends – yep that’s right an online fitness program completely changed the dynamic of my life.

There is an incredible community that has been built around Kayla’s program, a community of girls that uplift and encourage, rather than tare down and judge.


In fact one of the first BBG girls that I followed on Instagram turned out to be a member of the gym I go to, I mean seriously what are the chances?  One morning I tactfully approached her without coming across like a complete stalker, and I am SO glad I did.  Little did I know saying ‘HI’ to Abbie that day was going to develop from just a friendly face I would see in the gym into an incredible friendship.


This friendly face I would see at the gym at 5:30 am told me one day that she wanted to start a boot-camp in Orlando for all the other girls that are doing Kayla’s BBG, which was an awesome idea. It was at these boot camps that my life changed even more, the girls that came were incredible, the nicest group of girls I’ve ever come across,and all had the same goals and passions.  As the boot-camps grew from 12 people to sometimes close to 40, my role with helping Abbie run these boot-camps grew, along with my confidence,  my quality of life and connection to these girls.




It’s so amazing to have so many Girls that I can relate to, Girls that I set goals with so that we can push each other through, Girls that totally get the whole balance thing. There are times we meet up and go for walks and eat healthy and then other times we go absolutely  all out and eat our weight in chocolate, cheese and chips.


Creating such a strong friendship with a number of these Girls is the main reason Orlando now feels like Home; I cannot imagine life without them, we’ve gone from not knowing each of us exist to speaking almost every single day and to weekly lunch and coffee dates.   Beyond these girls being people I know and laugh with, their kind and motivational words pushed me to start this blog and to start studying for my personal training qualification.


Even though I am ready to embark on a new fitness journey, I will be forever grateful for the lifelong friendships Kayla’s BBG  has given me.

Never underestimate the outcome of something you begin, and always be open it’s possibles.

Cariad Mawr,



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