All we need is love

IMG_8550This year I wanted to celebrate Valentines day in a different way, I didn’t want to only celebrate my love for John, instead I wanted to do something that would make a stranger feel loved.

Don’t worry I am not one of those people that hates Valentines Day because I want to be cool, how could I hate Valentines Day?, its a day to celebrate one of the best emotions known to man, Love! I love love, I think its the best to be honest.  

But here’s the thing, what I have come to dislike about Valentines day is the way it has become a day that isn’t focused around love, instead its become a consumer focused day, a day where marketing departments come up with incredibly intelligent campaigns to make out that without buying x, y & z you kinda suck at being a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend, and it has also turned social media into a battle ground to see whose boyfriend got them the biggest bunch of flowers or most expensive jewelry.   I don’t know if you agree but the media makes out that men are mostly lazy , unloving beings, so they have this one day each year to really make up for being awful humans, this makes me sad, and incredibly sad if it has ever made John feel like this.

Love is a daily choice, and its not always an easy one at that, it’s hard work, so for someone to think that all their daily hard work goes unnoticed is really heartbreaking.

Aside from not wanting to spend a tonne of money, I am lucky enough that a good percentage of my days John makes me feel incredibly loved (and no i’m not being passive aggressive by saying a good percentage because lets be realistic for someone to make you feel loved 100% of the time is unrealistic, and also part of that love has to come from the way you feel about yourself), he will come home with flowers ‘just because’, he will make me a cup of tea in the morning, and he will kiss my forehead in public.

Anyway rant over, basically I am so lucky that because both John and I make a daily choice to love  we don’t need valentines day to focus on ourselves, so instead we decided to love a stranger in the form of building them a house with the Habitat or Humanity of Greater Orlando! The Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando is a ‘nonprofit housing organization whose vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live’ , and they happened to have an awesome event on for Valentines weekend, a couples build! The event itself was $53 per couple so that small token of money helped somewhere, but our time was the most valuable! 


We got to meet some of the future homeowners, and wow what incredible people; these people have worked harder than anyone I know just to be able to qualify for one of these homes.  They have to take lengthy financial courses, they have to volunteer a certain amount of hours at the future home-site, and of course they have to have a certain amount of income to qualify for a 0% mortgage, some of these people work 3 jobs! 3 flipping jobs so that their families have a safe roof over their heads, incredible. 


Tools at the ready
I began with caulking, this took FOREVER!
Always time for a hard hat selfie!
All about that balance


Desperately wanting to hammer things…..
Just not my finger
Off to do landscaping
When a Marine meets a Marine, they work together
Post landscaping

I had such an incredible day spending time with John, and sharing our love with others so that they may have a home, a place to fill with love and memories.  I am by no means suggesting that celebrating Valentines day the traditional way makes you a terrible person, because if it’s for the right reasons then amazing rock on; but if at any point planning it makes one of you feel stressed, then maybe you aren’t doing it for right reasons? 

 I feel so blessed to be in the situation I am in right now, I have a roof over my head and a pretty incredible relationship.  I would be lying to you if I said we did nothing to show our love for each other this weekend, we of course we had a nice meal that evening, followed by yummy chocolates, and on Sunday I spent actual Valentines Day with a number of people that make my life the life it is, full of love.


Cariad Mawr



Mandatory iced coffee…. and John’s pretty face


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