2016 Goals

It may be 17 days into the New Year and perhaps a little late for this kinda post, but the Year has been busy already, like insanely busy.  Remember that house I wrote about months ago? Yeah well that got finished, which I am beyond over the moon about, but here’s the thing, in the last 17 days closing on our house isn’t the only that has happened; sit tight, ready?  Since 1st January 2016 we travelled back from the UK, closed and moved into our new house ,I’ve quit a job, I’ve started a job, I’ve unpacked boxes, to then repack a suitcase and travelled to Canada for 5 days; and still managed to make it to the gym for a total of  12 days. WINNER.

It may have been an incredibly hectic start to the year but I haven’t felt this relaxed since living in Egypt in 2012, and I put that down the to incredible time I had at home over the holidays; it was nothing less than perfect. The textbook example of how the Holiday’s and seeing in the New Year should be; reunited with family and friends, relaxed, running and cycling through the Hampshire countryside and seeing in the New Year with Family.

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I started the New Year off  by waking up with absolutely NO hangover which meant that I was going to kick off the New Year the way I wished to go on, cliché I know, but I’ve never woken up on New Years Days without a mind numbing hangover. No my New Years Eve was not boring, Yes I drank and I only slept for 5 hours but nothing was going to stop me, the start of this Year was going to be different. I got up, put on my running kit and off I went running through the oh so picturesque Hampshire countryside.

It was during my run that I had the mind space to finalize my goals for 2016; it was also when I decided that I would make goals not resolutions because lets face it resolutions have this kind of negative connotation attached to them, as if they are meant to fail.  To be honest I’ve have very little success with past resolutions, true to fact they have always failed; but goals, now I love setting goals , the goals I have set in life thus far are the reason I have been able to buy a house, why I’ve managed to progress in my career and the reason I can successfully do push ups!

I already had an idea of my ‘goals’ for 2016 pre run and most of them were physical  fitness related, but during the run it occurred to me how chilled and amazing I was feeling, so clearly some of my goals needed to shift into that direction.  Over the 3 weeks I had spent at home I was amazed at how different I felt, I felt fresh, relaxed, alert and incredibly happy; even now when I look back at my christmas pictures my eyes, my face, my entire body is smiling, so my goals had to aim towards that.

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So with that in mind here are my little 2016 goals.

  • Slow down – In the past i’ve seen slowing down as a sign of laziness, but now I realise that I was wrong;I can still get stuff done, but just not at 100 MPH.
  • Step away from the phone in the evening – I had no signal when I was at home which meant John and I actually had to spend more time enjoying the presence of one another, it also meant that plans had to stay the same because there was no way we could get in contact to rearrange, so it also made me on time for things.  The no phone thing made me un-distracted and feel like I really connected with everyone I was with, it was really refreshing.
  • Eat to fuel my body – I’m pretty good at this already, but during the holiday’s, I, like everyone else (because i’m human) fall off the health train. In past years I would have detoxed in the hope to get back on the health train, but it ultimately made me miserable, so this Year I will be in the mind set I was in at the end of last Year and eat so that I can perform to my best ability both physically and mentally.
  • No excuses – I may seem like I am the most motivated person in the World when it comes to working out, but do not be fooled, I struggle just as much as the next person, and come up with all these great excuses to not work out.  So unless my body is absolutely exhausted I will be getting up at 6am to workout or will be moving my workout to the evening.
  • Spend more time with the people I love – Last year was manic, so I kind of failed to spend time to see or facetime the people that mean a lot to me, and the ironic thing is that spending time with the incredible people in my life actually makes me a better less stressful person, go friends, look out.
  • Take time to do relaxing things like colouring, reading, doing yoga, binge watching Netflix; just time to really let my brain take a rest.
  • Make an effort – Ok so this is pretty humiliating, but since moving to FL I have made ZERO effort when I leave the house, I go out in clothes that I wouldn’t have been seen dead in 2 years ago, and my hair, let’s not even go there. I made more of an effort when I was in the UK and no matter how superficial it sounds, I felt so much better about myself.
  • Walk more places – It seems to be common practice in Florida to drive EVERYWHERE and to avoid walking at all costs and yep I now fall into that group, however again, back at home we walked so much and I flipping loved it, it is such a relaxing aspect of any day.
  • Personal training – My personal training qualification has taken a back seat in recent months because of how manic life has been, but 2016 I WILL become a certified Personal trainer, perhaps it will be in March, or maybe it will be December, whenever it happens, it will happen this Year.
  • Work on my cookbook – So this something I have wanted to do for a while, and now that I have a bomb ass kitchen and camera, I will be experimenting more with food, and will be able to document with my Camera.


There we have it, my goals for 2016, it may seem a lot, but I hope that following through with them will leave me feeling more relaxed and fulfilled than 2015 did, and I also hope that they will set me up to tackle any stressful or hard times that come my way.

PS. A HUGE shout out to all you wonderful people that got me through 2015, your phone calls, your voice notes, your messages, your kind comment, (you know who you are) I couldn’t have done it without you.


Cariad Mawr,

Jordanna xxx


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